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postheadericon The Bristol Electric Cars will be displayed to the public very soon

 Autocar NewsAfter financial troubles Bristol Cars and subsequent purchase of the brand by Kamkorp Group, the project presented in 2011 in which he started the development of an electric supercar appeared to have been completely parked. Until today.

The apparently Goodwood Circuit and speed test this summer could be the stage to introduce the new car of Bristol Cars, an extended-range electric sports four electric motors and lithium ion batteries, ready to get to the production.

It remains to be seen whether it will eventually offer will approach, or not, to what they promised a couple of years ago, a mixture of 400 hp, a top speed of 300 km / h and a step from 0 to 100 in just over three seconds ½. Seen this way, the month of July seems more distant than ever.

postheadericon New Hyundai Eon: A Nice Economy Car

New Hyundai Eon: a nice economy car

Hyundai does not waste time and brings the world market models of all styles to please all his fans who live in countries worldwide. On this site, when a new company vehicle, we take and give the details to know him properly and, among others, we here at the 2011 Hyundai Elantra, the new generation of this attractive car, and also discussed the economy version of the Hyundai Santa Fe for Spain, among others. Next, we present the new Hyundai Eon, a nice economy car.

Hyundai’s new definition Eon is a compact car with a modern and youthful design aims to position itself strongly among economy cars sold in different markets. Moreover, this vehicle could become a low-cost alternatives in the world as it is priced really tight, but still keeps its equipment to be interesting. These qualities make it a special car for those who want to acquire their first 0 mile without paying more, really worth knowing.

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postheadericon Ginetta G60: A Very British Sports Car

Ginetta G60: a very British sports car

In the world of super sports cars are the dream that we worship see videos and photos, which belong to brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and others that create dreams on 4 wheels, but at the same time, other firms not so recognised in the catalog also have wonderful racing cars worth bearing in mind, though perhaps never be able to access them. On this site we saw many wonders motorised radical designs, for example, the unstoppable and SSC end Tuatara futuristic and revolutionary rebel TranStar Dagger GT Racing created by the company TranStar Racing, among others. Now, we add an Englishman to the list.

We have today a very attractive design model is presented as a real race car specifically for use on roads. His name is Ginetta G60, very flashy sports car that is manufactured by Ginetta, a small car manufacturer with a long history since its beginnings take us back to 1958. It does not have too many 4-wheel creations in a continuous way, but when it does the attention of the most demanding drivers. The Ginetta G60 stands out as a relatively affordable supercar every budget.

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postheadericon Skoda Citigo: Began Production in Bratislava

Skoda Citigo: Began production in Bratislava

Just recently we presented in partnership with the Friends of Cars 2.0 to the new vehicle small Skoda citizen was to place in the automotive market, we talk about the Skoda Citigo. Today comes the news of the actual start of production of the model in the city of Bratislava (Slovakia). The model hits the streets to be sold by the brand in the Czech Republic and make it in this way over other vehicles similar in kind, such as the Volkswagen Up! SEAT and Mii.
The Skoda Citigo will be launched in the Czech Republic during the month of December 2011, while his arrival in various other European automotive markets is planned for the summer in the old continent.

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postheadericon Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake 2013

Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake 2013

Mercedes Benz has surprised with its impressive and timely simply indescribable hatchback coupe, the sporty Mercedes Benz CLS, something beyond belief. But it was not there and right now we have the opportunity to enjoy the new version with which the house of Stuttgart returns to the fray … and with the best weapons. This is the familiar version, or if you prefer Estate, the CLS inspired by this fantastic opportunity in the Fascination concept 2008 and CLS Shooting Brake in 2010.

Even its name is not known definitively, but there is no doubt that we are in the expected Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake 2013, which almost certainly will be rolling down the street from the second half of 2012, despite being presented at the Geneva Motor Show soon. Its release will be slightly behind who knows why …

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postheadericon Meet The New 2012 Ford Focus ST

Meet the new 2012 Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus is one of the most important models of Ford because the company has a long history on their backs and great success in the world, selling in many countries around the globe. This car has news for all his fans and is nothing less than a very special version sports many will want to drive on the roads of the world and show it to their neighbors to turn green with envy. We are talking about the new Ford Focus ST 2012 version, a car that looks great and has special additions that will very happy.

The 2012 Ford Focus ST joins other Focus of which we speak here, for example, the Ford Focus ECOnetic 2012 and also added to the list of updates to Ford as detailed in the site as the new design for the Ford Mustang in 2014 and more. As you can see from the photos, the Ford Focus ST 2012 is a rebel machine from which the look because it has an orange color in its body furiously, sports seats with the same tone exterior, rear spoiler adds a race car very special and many more things worth noting.

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postheadericon One Oddity Called Peugeot 806 Runabout

 One oddity called Peugeot 806 Runabout

What do you eat this with? They have asked more than one of you … Or actually, just ask for what you eat, will have to say To what strange and curious vehicle we? Is an American pickup? Is a high-end convertible? Is a new European minivan? or … we have a boat with wheels? None of it all at the same time … That’s what this great rarity that have called Peugeot 806 Runabout.
In reality it is not, as you can imagine, a model of production and not so recent. It is a conceptual model, beautifully realised in the year 1997 (yes, 1997) for the best of the best of advanced design Departed French brand.

The model has clear, direct and undeniable in the nautical inspiration, or more specifically (as we said) in a boat and forms abound in elements made of high quality wood, many chrome accents (especially inside) and a design worthy of all admiration. If all this we add that the technology used was just tipped to the time that has been created and if we add the advantage of a powerful V6 engine 2946 cc engine capacity, capable of delivering about 191 hp to about 5,500 rpm, then the combo is just great.

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postheadericon Roding Roadster: Anticipating What We Will See in 2012

Roding Roadster: anticipating what we will see in 2012

Roding is a small company in Germany that the world was almost two years ago, showing an emerging model that today, finally, we see embodied in a much more defined lines and close to what could be the final model comes out to the streets.
The Roding Roadster is a prototype super sporty two-seater that, as seen in the photos, enjoy a very special and inviting.

This model has been created by technicians and engineers from this small German factory and really it seems that the same will be talking about for years to come.

So far we know that the car will be officially presented with its final configuration at the time of conclusion of the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 and according to what we’re looking through the pictures, have each and every one of the characteristics of a true thoroughbred sports car.

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