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postheadericon The European Union says it will Mennekes standard for EV charging

 NewsAs we told you a few days ago, the European Union is developing a series of measures to make us less dependent on oil as this has always weighed down our economy negatively. Measures were taken a few, among them the impulse of the electric car and the standardization of recharging outlets.

The system chosen was the type Mennekes two. The main reason that has led the EU to take this measure is that this connector and the single largest market in charging stations in Germany, Italy and the UK. According to the EU is important for Europe to have a single plug.
Based on this decision would not be unreasonable to force all cars sold in Europe should come with at least this shot. Mennekes system is rooted in European manufacturers such as Daimler partly so it is understandable that the EU has decided on this standard.

On the technical side, with refills can be made Mennekes AC slow and quick reloads with either AC or continuous. It is therefore a very versatile connector can operate with two charging modes, three and four.

Some say the move comes too late, and others also believe that what is being done to CHAdeMO standard is a little dirty. Nissan has spent enough money on infrastructure charging and quick charging try to bring people from the street to make the electric car was actually a little closer
But now I “thank” charging their work. Another forgotten in this initiative is the connector, known as CCS combo. The EU says that the standard is too green and still no cars that use it so far not chosen as the main alternative, which we all thought at first.

postheadericon Economizes with the maintenance of an electric car

electric carOne obstacle that has prevented the massive spread of electric cars is the cost, since it is significantly higher than that of the cars driven by combustible fuels. Although when compared, we see that compared to that higher initial cost, we have a compensation on the cost of the energy that drives because it is cheaper the longer the distance traveled.

The advantage, apparently does not stop there, because we can also see a difference at the level of maintenance, since electric cars do not require oil filter changes, air filter or fuel filter , timing belt not used.

This is what raises the French manufacturer Renault , which after several studies states that the maintenance of electric cars would be 20% cheaper in Spain than fossil fuel cars. As we see, the advantages of joining the growing environmentalist current.

To secure these benefits, the brand is preparing a maintenance network for electric cars, which is divided into two types, periodic review can be performed at any authorized agent of the network, while repairs that require some assembly or disassembly, have 78 Centres Renault ZE . It also has 27 Renault Pro + Centre, dedicated to commercial vehicles.

Also insurance costs for electric cars will be 20% lower than those of conventional cars in Spain. Perhaps the economic benefits of adopting an electric car does not look as impressive as expected by users, but we must not forget that these may be added benefits for the planet.