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postheadericon Alfa Romeo C12 GTS Concept, dynamic design

Alfa Romeo C12 GTS ConceptThe distinctive lines of the brand Alfa Romeo are present in the new Alfa Romeo Concept C12 GTS , product designer’s imagination Turkish Ugur Sahin . This model has an aggressive front edgy lines and aerodynamic curves perfectly.

One of the most noticeable features of the design is the side view, with its flowing lines on the fenders, and a straight line through it visually inclined, dividing the side into two parts, which helps to create a sense of forward motion.

The grill iconic Alfa Romeo at the front, provides the reference point of the badge, from where a number of distinctive lines that flow organically into the back, surrounding the car. Creating the impression of movement even when the car is stopped.

The goal of this design was to recreate the historic lines of Alfa Romeo , paying tribute to a cool way to create an attractive design that combines the familiar language of the traditional design of the Italian brand, with sharp lines and surfaces, but without losing the appeal organic car.

Alfa Romeo C12 GTS ConceptC12 grille is an inverted triangle , which is combined with the addition of a bundle of lines and curves that balances tactically arranged with aggressive and sporty front.

The balanced proportions give you a traditional silhouette. The C12 is proposed as a larger version of the 8C , more suited to applications GT than sports car.

Ugur Sahin , who was also responsible for the design of the Soleil Anadi 2011 from Aston Martin and the Gauntlet, 2010, and the 2007 Dino Ferrari , is seeking the realization of his project, so there is still no certainty of their placing on the market.