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postheadericon Minicooper auto ideal for stylish women

Have you called the attention this particular small vehicle? We tell you that the Mini Cooper is nothing more and nothing less than self who conquered Britain, then his fame spread throughout the world.

Considered the car twentieth century English and produced by the British Motor Corporation, this particular vehicle was released on August 26, 1959 through their models Austin Seven and Morris Mini Manor (or simply, mini), and has preserved its style and effect to this day.

The Mini Cooper was the son of the need, as emerged from a period when there was a shortage of fuel. The assignment, as well, was the development of a small, inexpensive car, according to the needs of the time. Even, to save labor costs, the car was designed so that the solder joints were visible. The slogan was that, despite its minimal dimensions, the space is maximized for passengers and luggage.

With time and, despite its utilitarian origins, the classic Mini shape had become so iconic (still can remember the funny sequences hilarious Mr. Bean aboard one), which, in the 90s, the Rover Group, the heirs of the BMC, could make this design a trademark.

The BMW, after acquiring the Rover Group ceased production of this iconic English car to start producing a new version, this time simply called Mini, a modern reinterpretation of the classic.

Its small size, shapes and bright colors make them especially attractive for women , who are now his most fervent admirers. Small and elegant, is a very glamorous self. What woman would not be proud to have one?

One of the latest models to be presented (and a boom among girls) what is the Mini Cooper convertible, which has meant a great innovative redesign. Deport, but with a chic, basically it is a convertible that includes a soft top can withdraw a maximum of 15 seconds.

This model surprised by its beauty and technology, allowing the leather seats a very comfortable inside the cabin. It’s large rear spaces ideal to place there also purchases from other large items.

And for safety, do not worry, since roll over hoops action has automatic braking system 3 components. Includes air bags for driver and co-driver! A super car completely.

postheadericon The future BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

bmwThe BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics is a prototype presented by the German mark in the last Frankfurt Motor Show , whose sale would initially only in the course of 2013.

Vehicle is a sport with a hybrid propulsion system, which combines two engines with a diesel electric. Will ship with coupe body, while it is speculated that its price will be the fourth million euros.

Its diesel engine is capable of 163cv as maximum power, while its electric motor front (the more powerful of the two) can provide at most a 139cv, while the other is located between the central span and the gearbox gives only 50hp. When these three act together, the maximum power of this hybrid is able to reach 356 horsepower.

The electric motors are powered by the energy stored in lithiums polymer battery, which can be recharged by connecting the drive to the power supply of any home, or through regenerative braking system, where the lower-powered electric motor is responsible energy recovery.

The benefits are amazing features this vehicle considering its engine, and that are similar to those of a BMW M3, reaching a top speed of 250 km / h, while acceleration capability lets go from 0 to 100km / h in just 4.8 seconds.

However, the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics car not a spender, and that was one of the goals set by the company when designing this car. It consumes just 3.76 liters per 100 kilometers.

As stated by the construction company, this future will not be the typical BMW hybrid urban use, because although it can function in a 100% electric mode your goal is to offer a unique sporty vehicles in its segment. For this reason the German manufacturer has optimized electric motors from a sporting point of view completely.

Their high level of sportsmanship has also been achieved with the position of the internal combustion engine , which is located just in front of the rear axle, combined with the quality of car materials (aluminum for the chassis and suspension, and polycarbonate body ) that give a very low weight, which is less than 1400 kg.

With respect to autonomy, the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics can travel 640 kilometers using the diesel engine, while the activation of the electric motors can move other 50km. The secret of this great autonomy is partly due to the aerodynamic features, and partly thanks to smart saving system developed by the German manufacturer.

postheadericon Alpina B7 2012, a High Quality Car

Alpina B7 2012, a High Quality Car

The new Alpina B7 2012 is one of the recent proposals that we are in the world of the motor to be able to observe a car of high quality that complies with everything you need for the majority of users that require a car with some power, one successful design both in the interior and exterior, for example are some of the important features of the Alpina B7 2012 related very low fuel consumption both in City and other lands equal that a lower emissions of polluting gases to preserve the environment.

On the other hand, some taught on the Alpina B7 2012 data are for example the acceleration that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of up to 302 km/h, a true combination of options and alternatives for all lovers of the speed and the cars. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Hyundai is Developing a Ten-Speed Automatic

 Hyundai is developing a ten-speed automatic

And to think that when people make time Mercedes-Benz announced that worked tirelessly to develop new gear automatic transmission, many were those who came to believe that the Germans from Stuttgart “had jumped the heat.” What are they thinking now of all those who held that, upon finding out that there is a brand that you plan to arrive a little further still …?
Indeed, Hyundai thinks by this time surprised both friends and strangers to the development (currently they are carrying out) of an automatic ten (10) gear which is intended purely and exclusively for their luxury models.

In the absence of specific assertions, some conjectures good outcome, such as those that indicate that it has begun to talk of the models very possibly become the recipients of the gearbox ten-speed, those models would be the Hyundai Genesis and Hyundai Equus 2014.
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postheadericon Mercedes Benz C Class DTM Coupe for 2012

Mercedes Benz C Class DTM Coupe for 2012

Not just the new “ordinary” of the Frankfurt Motor Show the man lives who likes cars. There are other things, other worlds, other realities such as the DTM (German or tourism) and their respective presentations … but in this case, too (oh! chance) the thing has occurred in the context of the German sample.

If some time ago we had been amazed by the grandeur of the BMW for the category of DTM, the presentation has been carried out Mercedes Benz people will not stay back safely.

Stuttgart’s home has shown formally in the phenomenal and attractive company Mercedes Benz C Class DTM Coupe for the 2012 season. The car was discovered in the sample by current brand drivers in Formula 1, the sevenfold world champion Michael Schumacher and his talented team-mate Nico Rosberg.

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