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postheadericon Mazda Returns to have Advantages Over a Half-decade

New Mazda CX-5 This week, Mazda has officially announced that over half a decade of losses, net earnings after the close of a fiscal year. More specifically, it is a profit of € 279.6 million at the end of 2012. Recall that in 2011, the Japanese firm has recorded annual losses of nearly one million. Even if you did not specify the reason for the change, the new Mazda CX-5 would have had much to do with these gains.

However, as a whole, it seems that all things Mazda will work better in some markets; the situation is quite serious in the United States, for example. The company recorded a loss of $ 519 million last year, nearly 100 million more than in 2011. Even so, says he works with Mazda is that the situation will stabilize this year and the next one begins to recover losses.

They base this estimate on good sales is to have the CX-5 and the popularity it has received the new Mazda6 in the little time he has for sale there. In addition, there is no long having also introduced the Mazda3 main novelty in the United States for the year 2013.

If you look at the data from Europe, the situation is much better in comparison with North America, sales declined by 6% and it is expected that this year 2013, the brand grew by 17%, with sales of approximately 200,000 units.

postheadericon Better place closes its divisions in Australia and United States

 NewsBetter Place Problems are something that we have already spoken before. We have seen how Renault had to delay the launch of the Fluence ZE in Australia by the deficient infrastructure business partner, both battery exchange stations and charging points available.

Now the bad news was confirmed, Better Place Australia and the United States leaves, which would be installed along with a Coda electric taxi system for the San Francisco Bay, besides canceling the arrival to the general public in 2014, representing an blow to the aspirations of the company to grow globally.

With the new CEO, the third in less than four months, the business model will change radically, focusing first on the countries that are already installed, Israel and Denmark, to thereby demonstrate to the world, and future potential investors that its formula of combining battery exchange stations with charging points for electric cars is ideal.

For now, despite the heavy investment, the numbers do not translate into future customers. In Denmark, sales of electric cars, estimated at 5,000 units by the government in 2012, have stayed in 363, adding all electric cars for sale, which makes huge investment in Better Place still does not see reflected off.

In Israel we have spoken of the monopoly held on Better Place electric vehicle due to the laws of that country, but still the company’s economic situation is far from healthy, with multibillion-dollar losses so far.
But despite their efforts to focus on the markets where they are already established is a move that may allow the company to begin to surface is still very difficult to succeed with a model of such high fixed costs and a unique electric vehicle supply , although that could change.

The Tesla Model S is the Better Place in portfolio
We will notify you as Better Place has partnered with Tesla in Denmark to provide the power for the Model S, with no access to change batteries, quotas based on the distance traveled. But not only the Model S is in this new strategy, Better Place has to be reoriented to serve the electricity company, has dozens of charging only in Copenhagen, all users of electric cars, whether seeking or changing batteries.

postheadericon The European Union says it will Mennekes standard for EV charging

 NewsAs we told you a few days ago, the European Union is developing a series of measures to make us less dependent on oil as this has always weighed down our economy negatively. Measures were taken a few, among them the impulse of the electric car and the standardization of recharging outlets.

The system chosen was the type Mennekes two. The main reason that has led the EU to take this measure is that this connector and the single largest market in charging stations in Germany, Italy and the UK. According to the EU is important for Europe to have a single plug.
Based on this decision would not be unreasonable to force all cars sold in Europe should come with at least this shot. Mennekes system is rooted in European manufacturers such as Daimler partly so it is understandable that the EU has decided on this standard.

On the technical side, with refills can be made Mennekes AC slow and quick reloads with either AC or continuous. It is therefore a very versatile connector can operate with two charging modes, three and four.

Some say the move comes too late, and others also believe that what is being done to CHAdeMO standard is a little dirty. Nissan has spent enough money on infrastructure charging and quick charging try to bring people from the street to make the electric car was actually a little closer
But now I “thank” charging their work. Another forgotten in this initiative is the connector, known as CCS combo. The EU says that the standard is too green and still no cars that use it so far not chosen as the main alternative, which we all thought at first.

postheadericon The Lastest Developments From Mercedes

Merecedes brought out its new A Class to great fanfare recently.

Sporting a new and much sportier chassis to the A Class of yesteryear it returned with a rising wedge shaped flanks and sporty red addition to the apron. The A Class was always a handsome car but the new A-Class has been styled with the help of AMG whose influence is clear.

Coming with either six speed manual or seven speed automatic transmission the new A Class hugs the road admirably due to its low centre of gravity and the extraordinary attention to aerodynamic shaping.

It might look and handle like a sports coupe but the new A Class has the safety features you would expect from a top of the range family estate. The Collision Prevention Assist employs the use of radar technology to keep you, your family and your car safe and should the worst ever happen, up to nine air bags will inflate upon impact.

In fact, features housed inside the new A Class is equally as impressive the exterior. Our expectations regarding technology seem to take huge strides every year and even in this respect the new A Class has surely leapt forward a year or two.

The audio station (Audio 20) comes with an impressive 5.8” colour display screen as well as Bluetooth, Aux-In and USB-In connections for mp3 players and other USB storage devices. There is also pre-wiring for the Becker Map Pilot navigation system and to boot, a telephone keypad as well.

Another option is COMAND Online which employs cloud computing to allow you to access the internet from inside the car which like Audio 20 can be seamlessly synced with your iPhone.

Some of the new A Class models can boast over 60 miles to the gallon for urban driving and over 80 mpg for extra-urban; which, by anybody’s estimation, is very impressive in terms of fuel efficiency.

The on the road price starts at just £18,945 which places it firmly in the price range of people who might not otherwise consider purchasing a brand new Mercedes. The car is feature rich in terms of in-car technology and more importantly safety features as well as being one of the most fuel efficient in its class at the same time.

It is and does all these things and more but when all is said and done let’s be honest about things and not lose sight of what we want in a car whilst still looking cool.

postheadericon Latest improvements for Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DB9  should be replaced by a new model during the year 2013 or perhaps early 2014, the British firm that just provide its main flagship of a major package of upgrades that bring it up slightly and, above all, what make it much more attractive. In your body, the DB9 2013 pays tribute to Aston Martin Virage,that occur just stop.

At the front, some elements similar to the most recent Super Vanquish  GT, as elongated grille, a diffuser which visually makes the car wider and new bi-xenon lights, make new DB9 clearly more aggressive model. The wheels can be carbon ceramics brakes, this model now standard equipped.The diffuser can be front carbon fiber if the pack is charged Carbon.

Ventilation openings are zinc hood and, as the inspired grill One-77, DB9 give the appearance of a fighter. Behind, a spoiler at the peak of the trunk that is more prominent and therefore aims to improve stability at high speeds. Inside,the newest are some new bucket seats with which there have been 34 kg of weight saving the whole.

Although, as always in these cases, the main thing we have to look under the hood, which houses the new AM11 V12 engine, developed from Gen4 VH architecture created for the upcoming Vanquish GT with reinforced cylinder heads and a new system permanent control of the valve position.

Like the engine, the chassis, the new DB9 has benefited greatly from the recent experience of Aston Martin racing. Built almost entirely of carbon fiber matrix components Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM), has helped to reduce the weight of the entire vehicle weighed down by their equipment luxury to 1,785 kg and that too despite riding a huge 20-inch wheels.

postheadericon World’s Most Expensive Helmets

It’s a difficult time for motorists, with insurance prices increasing and the cost of fuel spiralling out of control. Research by MoneySupermarket suggests that 65% of motorists have altered their driving habits in an attempt to keep costs down.

However, this is obviously not a concern for some motorcycle owners who are quite happy to fork out on expensive headwear as we take a look at some of the most expensive helmets to hit the market:

Used AyrtonSenna helmet- $114,000

A used AyrtonSenna helmet recently sold for $114,000 at an auction in Silverstone. This was double the initial valuation which is no doubt due to hero-worship surrounding Sennawhich motoring racing fans around the world can surely relate to.

One of the reasons why the helmet is so valuable is that the helmet has actually been signed by the triple World Champion who lost his life while leading the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in 1994.

In addition, Senna’s race suit was sold separately for $54,000. Both the helmet and the race suit had been used by the great Brazilian during the 1991 F1 season and were bought directly from McLaren boss Ron Dennis. This was the year of Senna’s third and final championship triumph when he brilliantly fought off the faster Williams Renault car of Nigel Mansell to take the title in Japan with one race still remaining.

AyrtonSenna has recently surged in popularity once again on the back of the success of the Senna film; a BAFTA Winning documentary chronicling his life in the sport from his remarkable first season with the lowly Toleman team in 1984 until his untimely demise ten years later.

Signed Valentino Rossi replica helmet- $2,400

While Senna was famous for keeping the same famous yellow helmet design throughout his racing career, Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi is just as famous for constantly changing his.

However, like the Brazilian, Rossi is famous for his success on the track being statistically the most successful rider of all time. The Italian has a remarkable nine championship victories under his belt, with the most recent coming for Yamaha during the 2009 season.

A signed version of his ‘Austin Powers’ helmet, a design he used during the 2003 Valencia Grand Prix, is currently selling for $2,400. The signature is on the removable visor which Rossi signed personally during the 2006 British Grand Prix weekend.

Replica Michael Schumacher helmet- $499

If you are not particularly interested in collectables but would simply like to adorn the same helmet livery as one of your racing legends, you do have the option to purchase replica liveries which out not signed.

Many businesses have been set up to create replica racing helmets in order to capitalise on the popularity of such designs. However, you should be careful about the quality of such items if you are buying them online. Additionally, it is recommended that you ensure that the helmet complies with expected safety standards as the strength of some helmets can be compromised by the paint used.

You can expect high quality replicas such as one Michael Schumacher replica which is available on ebay for about $500.

You will be able to find many different helmet designs which have been used by the 7 times World Champion over the course of his career; including the famous red designs which he has used during his latters years with Ferrari and upon his return to the sport in 2010 with Mercedes.

postheadericon Supporting the Athletes at London 2012

There are several major companies that will be supporting the athletes at London 2012. If you have ever wondered how you can participate as well, consider simply supporting the companies that support the athletes. A full list of sponsors is available online, and on that list you will find names such as BMW, McDonald’s, Visa, and many more. Most people already spend their money with one of more of these companies.

What makes sponsors so vitally important is that the athletes need funding for various expenses such as training facilities, lodging, travel costs, and more. Without sponsors, many athletes would not be able to afford to take part. Obviously, if this were to happen, the Olympics would not be the grand event that we know and love today. Every talented athlete deserves a chance to compete, and sponsors simply help make this happen.

Many of the companies supporting the athletes at London 2012 have been participating is sponsoring for many years now. These companies remain committed year after year, and therefore are certainly worthy of being supported as well. Your support does not require that you spend more than you normally would, but that you consider shopping with any of the sponsors when it comes time to make necessary purchases. Though this may seem an indirect form of support, you will be doing your part.

postheadericon Advantages of led

Until some years ago the sources of light were so blunt that we could not hope for more. We got used to the high power consumption and even to the way the light was spread out. But then the revolution of the led lights took place and we started to see the world in new and pointed ways. Until this step everything was rather boring, but now people start discovering bit by bit the many advantages of led.

For example let us take the normal flashlight. We all have one in our house and we need it when we go camping. We use to think of them in very low terms as we have problems with the light from them rather too weak. Still we did not want to employ a bigger one as it was really expensive and it ate batteries for breakfast. This new led flashlight has taken the concept of this portable source of light to a whole new level. Now the light is really visible as there are more fascicles that converge and get a better view. Also a cheap led flashlight can hold up to thousands of hours of full display with the same batteries.

If the flashlight example did not convince you of the advantages of led lighting, then maybe the led light bulb will make a different. It can come in a variety of colours and it gets better light spread than the traditional light bulb. It does have a wider lifespan and it will not pop out in just a couple of months like the normal one. More than that, this light bulb gives out all the light that you need without the consumption of a normal one.

All these being said it is obvious that led is the new technology in the house that will be loved by all. It does not matter how much we try to neglect it, in the end the led lighting will be all over the place making life better.