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postheadericon XOR Motors presents the folding electric scooter

 MotorcyclesElectric bikes have become the spearhead for the introduction of electric vehicles in many countries. In fact, in Spain sold much better electric bikes electric cars, thanks in large part to its lower cost and primarily urban use.

And in the midst of this growing market, a French company, XOR Motors, seeking a niche with a fairly radical proposal, a foldable electric scooter. The XOR XO2 is a scooter with powers of 4 and 8 kW (license to operate a moped or A1 license respectively) that can be transformed into a block of 59 kg, excluding battery, which is removable.

And the battery is precisely one of the elements that features more innovation, as its design detrolley becomes a “suitcase” that we can get on to charge home, improving the usability of the motorcycle in the urban area.

That is the same battery that provides a range of about 75 km to 100 km / h for the 8 kW and about 100 km at 45 km / h for the 4 kW, leaning against an estimated time of one hour and half hours and recharge when the power cable included in the battery trolley itself.
But go now to what is possibly the most radical of this design, the pliability of the motorcycle, why would we want a bike folding? According XOS Motors design facilitates folding bike away from vandalism, as it can be stored in a garage for bicycles, in the office or even at home, because the volume it occupies when folded is 300 liters.
And with that volume, you can even get into the trunk of a car or a motorhome, thereby facilitating movement of zero emissions during holiday periods. And most surprising to me that the action of folding or unfolding the bike takes about 30 seconds.

Benefits reveal a top speed of 120 km / h in the 8 kW and 45 km / h at 4 kW with acceleration from standstill to 100 meters in 6 seconds for the 8 kW and 10 seconds for the 4 kW.
Model prices in France range from 2290 euros it costs the 4-kW to 3,100 kW model 8, to which must be added a monthly battery rental of 40 and 50 euros respectively for each model.

postheadericon Full Details Exclusive of The Ferrari 458 Spider

Full details exclusive of the Ferrari 458 Spider

There is nothing better than driving a convertible and feel the breeze in your hair on those sunny days when we walk with family or friends. But that’s much better to do on top of a modern Ferrari sports car that reaches high speeds and looks like you have to wear one of these cars, much more than spectacular. So today we want to give the details a Ferrari in addition to other brothers and the beautiful Ferrari 612 GTO Concept, a conceptual model of dreaming, or the Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato 2006 that is considered a unique vehicle that, among others. Now it is time to give details of the incredible Ferrari 458 Spider, an unstoppable machine.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is known for having a removable hood that can be opened and closed in just seconds, doing that in a blink of an eye can have the sun in nurturing touch of a button heads. And speaking of your roof, we can say that it is a very hard all aluminum construction that replaces the old canvas and makes it much more special than many of the convertibles sold in the market. The same is opened in only 14 seconds and combines perfectly with the rest of the car, making it go unnoticed every time I close.

Full details exclusive of the Ferrari 458 Spider

This model also has large windbreaks that has a power adjustment, which makes travelling so travellers can converse quietly and smoothly even when driving over 200 km / h. It also has a very light weight, recalibrated gas pedals to march in a very dynamic and efficient, improved stability and was even improved the sound of the engine to go with a prefect sound when they open or close the roof, a work by real artists that make the Ferrari 458 Spider is a museum piece and even sound like a symphony of classical music.

But if it comes to engines, we can say that the Ferrari 458 Spider is one that is a wonderful 4.5-liter V8 with direct injection has an output of no less than 570 hp, 80 hp more than the traditional 430 Spider. Imagine then, what we feel every time the accelerator with the rosen big toe, it will be really unstoppable. But anyway, it uses reduced-form and emits little or nothing to the atmosphere, ecological and rendidor this friend on 4 wheels. But its power is the order of the day with a top speed of 320 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in under 3.4 seconds. The first units will begin delivering in early 2012.