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postheadericon Toyota Me-We, a Versatile Concept Car

Versatile Concept CarThe Japanese firm Toyota has an eccentric vehicle that stands out for its versatility. Toyota is the Me-We, a concept car “all-in-one” that can function as SUV, sedan, pick-up or just as a city car. Then we reveal all the features of this eccentricity on four wheels.


If you’ve ever heard of the concept of all-in-one was probably in the field of computing. Computers such as the ASUS Transformer AIO are examples of All-in-One, but in the field of cars is a concept hitherto unknown. We say “so far” because Toyota has developed the Me-We do a concept car capable of mutating and changing from one crossover to a convertible or other type of vehicles.

How do you do? With a polypropylene (a type of plastic) designed by industrial designer JM Massaud. These panels (hides a tubular aluminum frame) and exchanges can be easily customized, allowing users to give a unique touch to your vehicle.

In addition, inside, you can run the last row of seats and even keep it under the front seats to change the configuration of the car.

Sustainable Development

All this eccentricity in the design is accompanied by a philosophy of respect for the environment: Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic that requires minimal technological investment by the manufacturer. In addition, it should be noted that the engine Me-We is an electric car at each wheel has an electric motor and basement are the batteries that power them.

It also has a combined consumption of air conditioning with heated electric seats.


Toyota Me-We have a simplified tool. It has a screen on the wheel from which you can see the speed, the level of battery charge, information about the way to go and navigation data to provide a Smartphone.

postheadericon Special series Jeep Wrangler Moab

In the heat of the success of the special series of Wrangler launched in 2012 and in response to customer demands constantly seeking new and unique adaptations of this iconic model, Jeep first introduced the world to the public in Paris special series Jeep Wrangler Moab.

With the evocation of the Moab region, located in the U.S. state of Utah and known worldwide as the ideal destination for lovers of life and outdoor activities and off-road driving, this is a new special series tribute to those who identify with the values of Jeep and choose an unconventional lifestyle. Introducing this new adaptation of the iconic Wrangler, the Jeep brand intended to state once again that in a Jeep Wrangler any driving experience, even the most committed, it can become something unique and a total fun, thanks to cutting-edge technology and a unique domain offroad world.

The special edition Moab is a customized version of the Jeep Wrangler Sahara and will be available in the first quarter of 2013 in the configuration of 2 and 4-door, with the efficient 2.8-liter turbodiesel engines. In Spain will be available with 2.8 CRD engine and manual or automatic.

The exterior of the new special series is notable for the new bonnet with hump, the hardtop body color, tinted rear windows and wheel arches in black. The Jeep logo on the characteristic seven-slot grille is matte black alloy wheels and 17-inch gloss black are the same as riding the Rubicon version, the largest off-road capability, suggesting its ability to function in extreme driving situations.

Finally, at the finish of the new special series highlights the lower side protection “Rock Rails” and the fuel tank cap in black signed by Mopar. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon System elements Jaguar AWD

The new system AWD of Jaguar, I told you about yesterday, using the automatic transmission of eight speeds , standard on all models XF and XJ year/model 2013, modified in order to put a transfer case with an active link, which sends torque through a transmission shaft to the differential and front axle bearings, only when necessary.

System elements Jaguar AWD

This system consists of a clutch multiplate with viscous coupling, Who heads the torque to the front wheels through an articulated shaft, as dictated by the control module of the transfer case (TCCM, Transfer Case Control Module), which monitors levels of grip and performance of the driver , distributing engine power between the front and rear axles in the most appropriate at the time.

To accommodate this system all-wheel drive , bothXF and the XJ  equipped with a new front subframe crossbar, while the supports are redesigned the engine and the exhaust system.To achieve a low center of gravity, the system will flush with the front axle shafts, which run through the crankcase.The engine carries a recalibrated ECU, so you can communicate with active transfer case.

While under the hood have conducted a series of changes in fuel pipes , hoses and intake and exhaust manifolds, to adapt to new systems. There is also a new lower engine cradle, protected against heat, which in turn incorporates one acoustically isolated transmission tunnel to ensure that the refinement is identical to rear wheel drive models.

Have also been redesigned a number of key components of mechanics, in order to preserve the essential dynamic qualities of Jaguar XF and XJ . Thus, high pressure pipes from the power steering and a new design of the front stub, make the driver behind the wheel the same and identical directionality that transmit sensations to rear wheel drive cars.

Also the front suspension has improved substantially as it receives new springs, shocks and stabilizer bars. In the rear were modified springs and dampers, while the XJ also incorporates a new roll bar. Both the XF and the XJ have a new control software calibration suspension system Adaptive Dynamics (standard on AWD XJ, the XF optional AWD).

postheadericon Details seat IBIZA 2013

The brand has announced pricing and versions of  renewed subcompact that in addition to brand new face, launches a very attractive green paint hulk youth and depending on the version, the strip of LEDs in the headlights.

Arrive in the same body as before, both Sportcoupe (3 doors) and 5-door, the moment the van is outside the portfolio. Regarding engines, will be offered three options : the universal is a 2.0-liter 115 hp (veteran, but confidence and Classic Jetta inherited), the Ibiza Style DSG will offer a 1.6-liter engine with 105 horses and the famous double-clutch transmission with seven speeds. To the majestic SEAT Ibiza FR, find a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine with 150 horsepower.

There will be a total of 5 finishes and a choice of body styles, engines and colors.

Reference 5 doors – $ 173.900

  • Electric front windows
  • Steel wheels with caps
  • Air conditioning
  • Central locking
  • Stereo with 4 speakers and steering wheel controls to
  • Double airbag
  • ABS Brakes
  • 2.0-liter engine with 115 horsepower
  • 5-speed manual transmission.

Blitz 5 Doors – $ 185.900

Add on Reference:

  • Fog lights with cornering function
  • Sun electric
  • Wheels 15 “aluminum
  • 2.0-liter engine with 115 hp
  • 5-speed manual transmission

Style 5 door – $ 210.900

Add on Blitz:

  • Steering wheel and shifter leather wrapped
  • Trip computer
  • USB Connection
  • Electric rear windows
  • Bluetooth System
  • 2.0-liter engine with 115 hp
  • 5-speed manual transmission

Style Coupe – $ 207.600

The same equipment as the Style 5 door.

Style DSG 5 door – $ 223.900

Add on Style 5-door:

  • Dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds
  • 1.6-liter engine with 105 horsepower.

Style Plus 5 doors – $ 232,000

Add on Style 5-door:

  • Bi-xenon headlamps with adaptive lighting and headlamp washers
  • Front and rear LEDs
  • Wheels 16 “
  • Hill Start Assistant
  • ESP stability control
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • 2.0-liter engine with 115 horsepower

Style Plus Coupe – $ 227.900

Same equipment as Style Plus 5 doors.

FR 5 doors – $ 244.800

Add on Style Plus:

  • Wheels 17 “
  • Dual exhaust outlet
  • Sport front seats
  • Sports steering wheel
  • Badges FR
  • Automatic climate
  • Front side airbags
  • 2.0-liter engine with 115 horsepower
  • 5-speed manual transmission

FR Coupe – $ 249,000

The same equipment as FR 5 doors

1.4 TSI FR Coupe – $ 298.100

Add on FR Coupe:

  • 1.4-liter turbo engine with 150 horsepower
  • Transmission 7-speed DSG
  • Shift paddles behind the wheel

As for colors, there will be 12 available colors of which 9 have no additional cost: Grey Pyrenees Black Universe, Silver Star., Nevada White, Lime, Blue Apollo, Montsant Red, Red Emotion (non-metallic) and White (not metal). Meanwhile, there are 3 colors (brown, yellow and blue tribe speed) with an additional cost.

The new Ibiza has everything to conquer market, the price is tempting versions of the new design entry and lift sales. Safety equipment is to be improved and that only in the FR offers 4 airbags when competition offers 6 and cheaply. The engine, meanwhile, is already somewhat dated, but reliable, does not rule out the arrival of the 1.2 TSI.

postheadericon RENAULT CLIO RS 200

Renault presented at the Paris Auto Show the most radical CLIO. Led by an aesthetic even more striking than the production model, the Renault Clio RS 200 expected to steal the hearts of lovers hot-hatches.

The Clio alone and striking enough, this thanks to genetics inherited from DeZir Concept. The decorations put sports would be a tautology. knew Renault put hand and give it the exact touch of sportiness , where stands the fascia with new air intakes, wheels (17 “option about 18″) and mirror in color black, red calipers and a new diffuser.

The interior was also deprived of the sporty exterior. Find details like sport seats, aluminum pedals and red stitching and plastic. The steering wheel paddle shifters to control dual-clutch automatic transmission in “RACE” mode makes the changes in 150 milliseconds. Through it is dosed engine power of 1.6-liter that delivers 200 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque , which is developed from the 1,750 rpm and stays there until 5.600 thanks to the turbocharger.

Not simply a more powerful engine and the “magic” of a dual clutch transmission, so the chassis was also modified. According to Renault, the Clio RS 200 now offers an optimal balance between sportiness and comfort for every day , who seeks something more radical will have an optional “Cup” chassis for track, will be 15% more rigid with respect to the Sport chassis and the car was stocky 5 mm.

No doubt this new Renault proudly carries on the family name “Renault Sport”, although its borders will not go beyond Europe because this small has virtually no chance of stepping on Mexican soil.

postheadericon Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet

Volkswagen world premieres its most powerful, the first GTI Cabriolet Golf history. Sportiness, style and the latest technology are the major arguments to follow the path of success that historically accompanies the GTI.

As is the case in the Golf GTI with closed body, has in its equipment with LED rear lighting LED electric enrollment and extensions on the footrests. Use a classic alloy wheels 17 inch Denver type, mounted on a tire225/45. Optionally can be equipped with 18-inch wheels called Detroit, with the same design but with polished surface and interior recessed in black areas.

In its interior we find a continuous line, with sports seats covered with a plaid fabric Jacky. Optionally can be mounted Vienna leather seats. Other highlights of the interior are cubrepedales brushed stainless steel, the specific GTI shifter with aluminum look, the GTI emblem on the leather steering wheel and red contrast stitching on steering wheel, covering the shifter and brake hand.

Under its hood lies a powerful 210 hp engine with which it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds. With the roof closed, has a top speed of 237 km/h, which contrasts sharply with its consumption figures of just 7.6 liters on average for every 100 km combined cycle. Its gearbox ‘basic’ is a six-speed manual, although you can opt for the famous six-speed DSG dual clutch. With it, the GTI Cabriolet consumption is 7.7 liters per 100 km on average. CO2 emissions, both with manual gearbox or automatic, are lower than 180 g/km.

It features a differential locking system Electronic RDS system with ESP electronic stability control and XDS cross differential system, all standard, adding additional safety to the high dynamism.

In its standard equipment includes climatronic automatic climate, chrome accents on several elements of control and a CD radio system RCD 210 Volkswagen calls. Although his great appeal lies in the hood, electro-opens in just 9.5 seconds and closes in 11 seconds. You can even open up, let’s roll provided at speeds below 30 km/h, and in no way diminishes the 250 liters of luggage capacity. Also adding to its electronic security systems, rollover protection features that are automatically deployed when needed, front and side airbags for head and thorax and knee airbag on the driver’s area.

postheadericon Minicooper auto ideal for stylish women

Have you called the attention this particular small vehicle? We tell you that the Mini Cooper is nothing more and nothing less than self who conquered Britain, then his fame spread throughout the world.

Considered the car twentieth century English and produced by the British Motor Corporation, this particular vehicle was released on August 26, 1959 through their models Austin Seven and Morris Mini Manor (or simply, mini), and has preserved its style and effect to this day.

The Mini Cooper was the son of the need, as emerged from a period when there was a shortage of fuel. The assignment, as well, was the development of a small, inexpensive car, according to the needs of the time. Even, to save labor costs, the car was designed so that the solder joints were visible. The slogan was that, despite its minimal dimensions, the space is maximized for passengers and luggage.

With time and, despite its utilitarian origins, the classic Mini shape had become so iconic (still can remember the funny sequences hilarious Mr. Bean aboard one), which, in the 90s, the Rover Group, the heirs of the BMC, could make this design a trademark.

The BMW, after acquiring the Rover Group ceased production of this iconic English car to start producing a new version, this time simply called Mini, a modern reinterpretation of the classic.

Its small size, shapes and bright colors make them especially attractive for women , who are now his most fervent admirers. Small and elegant, is a very glamorous self. What woman would not be proud to have one?

One of the latest models to be presented (and a boom among girls) what is the Mini Cooper convertible, which has meant a great innovative redesign. Deport, but with a chic, basically it is a convertible that includes a soft top can withdraw a maximum of 15 seconds.

This model surprised by its beauty and technology, allowing the leather seats a very comfortable inside the cabin. It’s large rear spaces ideal to place there also purchases from other large items.

And for safety, do not worry, since roll over hoops action has automatic braking system 3 components. Includes air bags for driver and co-driver! A super car completely.

postheadericon Serial Twizy, promotion 2×1 Renault

Serial Twizy, promotion 2×1 RenaultThe world of marketing knows no boundaries, offers 2×1 Automotive reach new campaign with Renault for Spain. The French brand has developed a sales strategy that seeks to increase the sales of some of its models and boost sales of its less selling model, the Twizy Urban 45.

The promotion called, serial Twizy is valid until June 30, 2012, a car can be a gift with purchase of a unit models Emotion Renault Laguna (Berlin: 21,300 euros, Grand Tour: 22,300 euros, Coupé: 26,950 euros), Latitude Expression (24,750 euros) and Espace Celsium (32,300 euros). To enable this offer, it is necessary that funding is made by Renault Box 1 with RCI Banque , a minimum of 6,000 euros, at 48, 60 or 72 shares, with a minimum stay of 24 months.

The beneficiaries of the 2 × 1 will win a Twizy Urban 45 , the variation of the electric car Urban 80. The Urban 45 has no preference of buyers, given the small price difference he has with his older brother, who doubles in speed.

The Urban 45 is an electric two-seater quadricycle open, safe and comfortable, which can be driven up to a teenager without a license. It should be noted that within the promotion, not including batteries Twizy.

The campaign is part of an attempt to increase the meager sales of Twizy Urban 45, which is produced exclusively in Valladolid for everyone and they have not been as expected.