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postheadericon What To Take To A Car Log Book Loan Office

When you visit a car log book loan office, there are a few things that you should have with you. The carĀ  that you wish to use as collateral is a must, as it must be inspected in order to determine the total value and condition of the car. Each lender may ask for different things, but as a general rule, do be prepared to present the following:

  • The logbook that goes with the car and is in your name.
  • Your photo identification.
  • A current insurance certificate for the car.
  • A current utility bill addressed to your current residence.
  • Proof of income.

You may find it easier to start the loan process by completing and submitting an online application. This will provide all of the needed information to the lender in advance, at which point verification can begin. Once you arrive at the lending location, all that will be required is that you present these items.

Since each car log book loan can vary in what they require, do be sure to find out in advance if any other paperwork will be necessary. Knowing what you need to take with you will certainly ensure that any frustration can be avoided. Submitting the online application will also work to prevent any unnecessary hassles or undue delays.

postheadericon Car Finance Options for Electric Vehicles

A exciting new round of electric cars is coming to the UK, such as the VAUXHALL Ampera, along with more economical models of previous electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt. As electric cars become more popular, they become more economical to purchase, and considering the rising costs of petrol and diesel, more economical to operate, too.

The newer, longer life batteries and the opening of public recharging stations is going a long way toward making electric cars more practical to the motoring public. The cars are also getting larger as new lightweight materials are developed to keep the cars from being too heavy for the electric motor. Larger cars are safer cars. Car finance options for electric cars are also on the increase, especially with online lenders. A person can visit any dealer with electric cars on offer and negotiate the best possible price, and then check car loan lenders for the best car finance rates.

More people are considering electric cars now when they are looking to buy a new car, and not just for the environmental benefits. The cost of a new electric car is now far more comparable to a petrol or diesel car, and electric cars can now be easily financed online. Visit Credit Plus Car Finance for a search of over 30 lenders in order to get the best possible finance rates on electric cars. You might even find an electric car or two for sale as well.