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postheadericon Install Car Audio Equipment

Car owners who wish to replace a malfunctioning stereo deck, or those who choose to upgrade their car’s audio system, can hire a professional car audio technician or do it themselves.

Choose the new unit that fits within your vehicle’s stereo dock. Double-DIN stereo docks can accommodate both double and single DIN (standard size; 2″ x 7″) head units.

Purchase the necessary adapters and install the unit yourself to save the cost of labor.

1. Raise the vehicle’s hood to gain access to the battery. The negative battery cable provides the ground for the vehicle’s electrical system and should be disconnected before removing or installing any electrical component.

Loosen the bolt that holds the battery cable to the negative battery terminal with a wrench or pair of pliers.

Remove the cable and set it aside until the installation is complete. Move to the inner cabin of the vehicle.

2. Remove the factory stereo if it is still present. Consult the vehicle repair manual for instructions for stereo removal specific to your vehicle.

Remove any dash panels called for in the manual, and disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable connected to the rear panel of the unit.

3. Slide the factory stereo from the vehicle’s stereo mounting dock and set it aside. Insert the faceplate adapter or installation sleeve into the vacant stereo dock.

Choose a faceplate adapter if the vehicle’s stereo dock is an irregular shape, for a more professional looking installation.

For installation sleeves, fold the metal tabs on the inside of the metal sleeve outward with a flat screwdriver to secure it within the dock. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Auto Equipment Racing Safety

The importance of safety in auto racing is paramount. Equipment for auto racing safety has existed since the formation of auto racing in the late 1800s; however, it has significantly enhanced over the years.

Safety equipment includes helmets, safety harnesses, fire suits, neck restraints as well as roll cages inside the car.


The helmet in auto racing is perhaps the most important piece of safety equipment. The primary purpose of the helmet is to protect the head.

Over the years, designers of helmets began to form them as protection not only for the cranium, but also the face and eyes.

Helmets used in the early to mid-20th century primarily covered the head and were made of leather or leatherlike material.

Jackie Stewart became the first Formula One driver to race with a full-face helmet. Since the 1960s, auto racing drivers have preferred full-face helmets.

Helmets as of the early 21st century consist of fiberglass and carbon materials with added padding and ventilation, a face guard and an eye visor.

Safety Harnesses and Seat Belts

Safety harnesses protect body of the driver upon direct impact in a crash. Safety harnesses is the placement of seat belts in a race car, sometimes consisting of six-point or seven-point belts. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon The Importance of Winter Car Tyres

The unfortunate habit of some UK residents is simply to ignore the importance of using winter car tyres on their car can make driving much more difficult and potentially unsafe for these motorists, possibly because of the added cost. Other EU countries have legislated the use of specific types of tyres for winter, recognizing the tyre’s importance for motorists safety on the roadway.

Winter car tyres grip the road better in colder weather and in icy conditions, helping to prevent accidents. While they cost slightly more, the cost of an accident can be tremendous. While there is no such legislation yet in the UK, there are laws in other parts of the world that make motorists liable for accidents they are responsible for causing because they didn’t have appropriate winter car tyres for driving in snowy or icy weather, yet they chose to drive anyway.

Even though the UK doesn’t legislate the use of winter car tyres, imagine how you would feel if you were too cheap to buy winter car tyres and you slid on the icy and hurt someone. Responsible motorists not only do all they can to insure their safety and their families safety, they try to make their vehicle as safe as they can to insure the safety of all the other motorists on the roadway as well.