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postheadericon Auto Customization Ideas

Automobile customization can range from simple additions such as a license plate frame to something more complex such as a custom paint job or performance engine.

Vehicle customization is a personal option that you use to personalize a car or to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Many of these customization options are readily available on the Internet or at a local shop and can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on which options are chosen.

Custom Lighting

Custom lighting is a popular option to customize a vehicle. There are several types of lighting for a vehicle that range from a simple light-up license plates to extensive under-the-car neon lighting.

Dashboards and instrument panels also can be made to glow with different lighting colors.

Interior lights can be customized by simply replacing the white light bulbs to the color of your choice.

Custom Wheels

Custom wheels come in a variety of styles and can easily be bought at a local tire shop or online.

There are many varieties to choose from that include chrome, aluminum and powder coated. With the custom-wheel option also comes a few other custom choices such as locking lug nuts, spinners and custom colors.

Custom wheels might not sound like much, but they can change the entire look and focus of your vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »