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postheadericon Negotiate With Car Dealers if You Are Paying Cash

Just because a dealership says it’s selling a car for a specific amount doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate the price.

One of the staples of the car-buying process is negotiation. The salesman says one price, you say another and the two of you try meet somewhere in the middle.

Revealing that you’re a cash customer before negotiations begin gives you less power in the negotiations.

Dealerships prefer to land finance deals for customers, because the dealership often pockets a small percentage of the loan payments.

1. Shop around and ask for quotes from several dealers for vehicles that interest you. Ask for an estimate of the price. Decline any offers to test drive the vehicle until you’ve heard quotes from at least four to five dealerships.

2. Avoid mentioning that you’re paying in cash. Most dealers assume people plan to finance, so there’s no need to disclose your type of payment. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon About Car Dealers

No matter what size town that you live in, every one has a local car dealer. In addition to buying, selling, and maintaining the majority of the vehicles on the highway, car dealers are often very generous to the needs of the community.

Although they may have a reputation for being pushy and sometimes obnoxious, car dealers work hard in trying to convince you to make a purchase and for that effort, they should be commended.


Car dealers often hold contracts with the manufacturer which allows the dealer to sell a specific brand of vehicle. It also gives you, the consumer, plenty of room to negotiate.

On the lot of a car dealer, the business is cut throat. Each car dealer hires motivated salespeople who are out to meet his or her monthly quota of sales. The sales people are usually under pressure to sell vehicles, no matter what it takes. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Find Reliable Used Car Dealers

It is indeed a very good idea to buy used cars rather than buying brand new ones as it could help you save your bank balance. But you would never want your car to break down often or needing expensive repairs. A lot of people have been victims of such cases where they have been duped because of the lucrative price offered at sale and suffered later.

Do you want to be one among them? No, isn’t it? So, it is utmost necessary that you locate a reliable and trusted dealer in this business and trading with them rather than buying cars from a random dealer.

Just try to find out if the used car dealer has been in the business for or a while or is he a rookie? Doing a fair bit of research on the profile of the dealer will not consume your time, after all it is your money and you are the one who has to take care of it.

I can give you one suggestion on this topic where you can find a reliable dealer. It is the AvailableCar. This company has a five star profile and the number of satisfied customers is increasing every day. However, it is with you to choose your preferred dealer and I have only one thing to say, “Think before you leap”.