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postheadericon Choosing Secondhand Car Tips

Choosing Secondhand Car TipsIf buying a new car is complicated, even more so is that of a used car. A complication of choosing the model joins the more interesting to find one that is in good condition, a task that we must resort to all common sense you have and, above all, good observation skills. Some of the tips of buying a new car used also for opting for a secondhand.

1. – Be clear about what kind of car you want
For a model that we are looking to buy second hand, usually have more flexibility to choose, within our budget because we find a greater choice of different segments and in different states. In any case it is important that we are clear on the type of vehicle you want to buy and its engine.

2. – Choose either the place of purchase
We must choose the place of purchase: establishing specific transaction, dealer or an individual. To refine and streamline the search a little, we can use the print ads in magazines or newspapers, specialized websites or specific means for the purchase and sale between individuals.

3. – Asesórate
If we have the advice of an expert in the field, the better. It is common to hear that the model that we like has been owned by an elderly lady, with driver, who always kept in garage and barely used. It is advisable to test each and every one of the different sections that make up the vehicle: body, engine, transmission, interior, looking for possible body and paint repairs that betray a bad deal. Normally gums windows, the “waters” in painting, bubbles or pitch differences between two body components made betray a bad repair. We should also seek leaking engine fluids, transmission or cooling system. An effective way to detect these latest incidents is upload it to an elevator to carefully observe the state of the underbody.

4. – Take a walk with your usual driver
We can ask the owner to give us a ride in the car driving it. We will look at your driving, if the engine requires a lot, if you make changes quickly and if your driving, try to conceal vehicle problems (with handling the steering wheel can hide the address “pulls” to one side, if it takes too long to shift gears can mean it scratches, brakes well in advance if the brakes can not be good). Later we drive us to verify that there are no problems with the car and our driving style. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Tips for Buying A New Car

Tips for Buying A New Car Buying a car is an event important enough to make some preliminary thoughts allow to adjust our product needs to be purchased. Usually represents, along with the housing, the largest investment a person makes in the medium to long term, so it is very important to consider some important points that allow us to make the best choice. In addition, the car, once acquired, can not return, unless we are willing to lose a lot of money for our mistake.

1. – Analyze your needs
One of the most important aspects when choosing a model is to consider our real needs: type of car (sedan, off-road, SUV …) car size (large, medium, small) body style ( minivan, wagon, sedan, coupe), number of doors (three, four, five), fuel type and size of the mechanical (petrol or diesel engine, power, etc.). In this analysis we must also consider the cost of insurance, taxes, parking options, maintenance, fuel consumption and actual use that we will give the vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Guide Tips for Buying A Used Car

Guide Tips for Buying A Used CarWhat you have to look for when buying a used car? We give the details in our guide of tips for buying a used car, in both private rooms used cars.

All new cars have something in common and it is just that they are new. With just happens not used and there may be a gap between the two, although the appearance of the unit in question is good. Looking Used Vehicle Show 2012 in Madrid, other rooms used vehicles, or buying a used car from a private note to review the key points.

Mechanical defects are easily overlooked if the car has undergone some cosmetic touches to distract the buyer’s attention. Do not ever give up a journey of recognition and also in the classroom, accounts certified by independent professionals. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Negotiation Tips for Car Buying

Buying a new car is thrilling. Going down to the dealership and negotiating on the price and payments is not.

You can make the negotiation process a little more pleasant and financially beneficial with some planning and knowledge.


It is important to know the dealer cost of the car you want. The online services Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or NADA Guides will give you the invoice cost.

Make a note of the percentage discount from MSRP for the base vehicle and options to get to the invoice cost.

If you choose a car with different equipment when you get to the dealership, you can make a quick calculation of the invoice cost.

Call your bank or credit union and get its current rate for car loans and have them calculate the monthly payment on the amount you plan to finance.


Car salespeople and sales managers strive to get buyers emotionally involved. They want you to love the car so much that the price will become less of a factor.

The salesperson will also work to prove that he is on your side during the negotiations. Unless you are a regular customer, these tactics are designed to reduce your resistance to a higher price.

You must remember to remain calm and friendly. Do not get upset or emotionally involved.

If you remain calm and business like, you will show the salesman and sales manager you are serious about buying the car but will not overpay.

If at any time you do not like the way you are being treated, leave the dealership. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Negotiation Planning Guide for Buying a Car

Car salespeople are professional, practiced and savvy negotiators. Competing against that level of skill and experience will be a gargantuan task if you are not prepared.

The most important tool you will have to level the playing field is information. Your novice negotiating skills can yield a fare price and sales terms if you arm yourself with enough information about the car you intend to purchase and the options dealers have in selling it to you.

Understand Your Finances

Before you venture out to shop for a new car, figure out what your financial picture looks like.

Evaluate the amount you can afford to spend in a down payment and how much you can afford to budget for a monthly payment. The down payment will likely include closing fees including taxes, insurance and registration fees.

etrieve a credit report to get a sense of what level of interest payments you will be required to pay to finance the vehicle.

View your financial situation currently and forecast how your circumstances are likely to change during the time you will have to absorb the new car payment.

Investigate the Vehicle

Use online sources, including Kelly Blue Book, to get a sense of the value of the vehicles you will be considering. Search local dealership websites to find specials and advertised prices.

Read the fine print. An advertisement that lists only a monthly payment will commonly have strict requirements as far as the terms of the payments and the down payment. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Details and Prices of Renault Laguna 2011

Details and prices of Renault Laguna 2011

Renault has very attractive models in its range on this site official and detail to all models that the company has on the world market for you to meet as required, from head to toe. In recent times we gave details and show pictures of attractive and Renault Megane RS Trophy hardened and we also had with us the interesting Renault Scenic 15th, which, was in celebration, among others. Now it is time to introduce a classic brand that comes in the new version to surprise supporters who know this car from the ’90s. This is the new Renault Laguna 2011.

The Renault Laguna 2011 has a very stylish and sporty aesthetic while making it a really attractive and alluring model, especially for those looking to travel in style without going as far to buy a supercar of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The new Laguna is presented with a very attractive equipment and engines designed for the most demanding. It also has different versions each with a different price and items of personal equipment. All Together position him as a star of the cars sold in the market.

Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Essentials for Test Driving a Used Car

First, don’t agree to a test drive in a car that is already running. You need to hear the car start yourself to make sure it starts easily. Check the mirrors, make sure that the car has no blind spots. Check to see if the seats adjust to where you can comfortably reach the controls, imagine you are in the car for hours. Would it still be comfortable?

When you take a test drive in a used car, make sure that you allowed a long enough drive to see how the vehicle handles on hills, curves and different road surfaces. Most used cars do well on smooth, straight roads.

Whether a manual or automatic, make sure the gears change smoothly, including reverse. There should be no unusual sounds while the car is changing gears. If possible, try to brake suddenly. This is a good way to test the brakes, but make sure no one is behind you first. When braking, check to see that the car is not pulling to one side.

Keep the windows open and the radio off. Listen for unusual noises. This is not the time to be talking to the car dealer about price. Remain silent so you can hear the car as you drive. Also note the gauges, the temperature gauge should only be in the middle, not too hot after a drive.

Last, be careful. It’s not your car yet. Respect the car dealer and don’t abuse the car.

postheadericon Car Buying Tips for University Students

University students have a higher risk of buying a used car that is not a good deal. These students are bombarded with ads that show very nice used vehicles at low prices with low financing rates. What young adult wouldn’t want a nice car to drive to school?

It’s not that university students are not smart, it’s just that they may not be familiar with the terms that are commonly used to describe used cars. For example, a salvaged car was in an accident. If you have no automobile buying experience, you may completely ignore the term. It’s not like a dealer wasn’t being honest, but if you don’t know about auto salvage, you won’t know what you are getting into.

Financing is another tricky area for university students. The low advertised terms are usually reserved for those buyers with near perfect credit, not a university student with little or no credit. Buying a pre-owned financed vehicle requires that a person be knowledgeable about how credit works. Getting a poor deal on credit can mean the vehicle’s price has now tripled.

University students are better off going to a reliable dealer who has numerous previously-owned automobiles to chose from. Take a relative who has already made several vehicle purchases for assistance for help in evaluating the vehicle and dealing with financing terms. There are good deals out there, just ignore the hype and focus on finding a reliable car rather than a flashy car.