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postheadericon Conflict Between Cars and Bikes

Much is being talked about lately on the subject road: cars, bicycles, pedestrians … I agree that we each have our space and we must respect. So I think fatal when a person who is driving a car or try to insult a biker bad ways as I have seen on occasion. It is clear that a cyclist is much more fragile than a person who is driving a car.

Cars and Bikes

But just as I like to respect anyone who wants to use the bike for transportation, also ask them to circulate well. I say this because the other day, in Lower Navarre Avenue, at the height of the Seminar, three cyclists were to occupy a full lane. Instead of going after each other in parallel, thereby hampering the movement and occupying an entire lane.

If we all do our part and respect the space of others would be much easier for everyone.

postheadericon How to Compare Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike insurance, required in most states, is a good idea no matter where you live. It covers not only property damage, but also medical costs and other potential liabilities.

Get the right policy for yourself, your state and your motorbike. States that require motorbike insurance set specific property damage and medical coverage limits your policy must meet.

Purchase any protection above the required minimum at your discretion. Insurance companies offer quotes for free, so shop around before you commit to a policy.

1. Find out the required minimums for motorcycle insurance by contacting the department of motor vehicles or its equivalent in your state.

Insurance agents working in your state should know the required minimums, too, but do the research yourself so no mistakes are made.

2. Contact insurers licensed in your state and request a motorbike insurance coverage quote.

Do not perform this step online — to get an accurate motorbike quote, give information about your bike, your experience, your professional affiliations and your personal affiliations.

Visit the insurers in person if you can, but requesting a quote over the phone is still better than navigating an automatic quote system on a website. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Why Pay As You Go Bike Insurance Policies Are Rising In Popularity

Insurers are always trying to think of new ways to keep you safe on the road, without taking a huge financial hit. This is why pay as you go policies were introduced for many types of transport. Motorcycle insurance now includes pay as you go motorbike insurance which is popular especially during recessionary times such as these.

What is pay as you go?

Pay as you go policies for motorbikes include various different features. The key aspect holding everything together is the fact that you only pay for what you need. Imagine that you use your bike as a hobby – it decorates the open road on weekends but during weekdays, you walk or cycle to work or you take the train. Financially, it makes more sense to take a pay as you go scheme because you only pay for what you are using. If you are an infrequent user of your motorbike, pay as you go will ensure that you are not flushing money down the drain.

What are the advantages of pay as you go motorbike insurance?

One of the best bits of this policy is the affordable monthly rate that you are given which is payable via debit, credit card, direct debit or standing order. All you have to do is contact your bike insurance provider and choose which one you want. When the winter months come along, if you find that you don’t want to ride your bike as often, you do have the option with some providers to tell them that you won’t be making regular payments because you won’t be using the bike. Then, when you feel like getting back on your bike, you contact your insurance provider and continue making your monthly payments. The flexibility of pay as you go motorbike insurance is what makes it truly affordable for people on constricting budgets.

Tip: Use pay as you go insurance to cover different riders as well if you have several bikes. Owning several bikes means your family and friends can also enjoy your passion for motorbikes without having to spend exorbitant rates on bike insurance. All you have to do is let your bike insurer know that you want to insure multiple riders on your pay as you go scheme. This is ideal for large families with plenty of young people who qualify to ride motorbikes.