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postheadericon Why Your Car Might Be Vibrating

Cars will break down every so often. This is unavoidable. By tracking down problems and handling them at the earliest opportunity, you can minimize the damage, however. For example, it is actually possible so that you can feel your car vibrating while you are driving it. This is not normal and can indicate several problems. By understanding what they are you are able to take the necessary steps and prevent something more serious from happening. Here are the most typical causes.

1. Engine

Whenever something fails with a car, the engine is always one of the primary suspects. Various things can cause the engine not to run smoothly and this may cause various shakes and shudders while you are driving. If the vibrating is not continuous and it just goes and comes, there’s a really good chance that there is an trouble with the engine. The good news is how the solution for this can be something cheap and easy such as getting new spark plugs.

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2. Axle

This could indicate an issue with your axle if the vibrating gets more intense the faster you choose to go. It is really not that hard to bend the axle, especially if the car gets into a collision or something that is similar,. Which is the truth. It is recommended to have a mechanic inspect it as soon as possible.

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3. Tires

Usually, the vibrating is brought on by tire problems. This is because there are several issues with your tires that can lead to shaking. Some of them are easy to fix like a tire balance or rotation, but others might require a new set of tires.

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postheadericon The Most Award-Winning Jeep–The Jeep Grand Cherokee


The Jeep Fantastic Cherokee is easily the most award-winning SUV ever. That didn’t happen by chance-the Grand Cherokee earned those market and customer awards and honors within a hotly-contested and crowded field of competing types. Before you go right down to Jeep Huntington Beach

to examine then out for yourself, let us look at a few of the features and milestones which make the Grand Cherokee so successful.

Basic safety

With the valuable cargo of the family aboard, it’s soothing to know the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee received the coveted US Government 5-star side collision rating-their greatest ranking-and 4 stars total. The Huge Cherokee also provides as optional equipment a Forward Collision Warning System which is advised by the Nationwide Highway Visitors Safety Supervision (NHTSA). This level of basic safety was crucial in the Fantastic Cherokee succeeding its class overall from the Mid-Size SUV Challenge.

UN-Equalled 4×4 Functionality

The Fantastic Cherokee is constantly regularly acquire accolades for the best-in-class 4×4 capability. Absolutely nothing handles off-street like a Jeep, a fact just recently recognized by New England Motor Press Organization (NEMPA). The hardy New Englanders-no strangers to bad weather or harsh highway conditions-named the Grand Cherokee the Official Winter Vehicle of the latest England.

An Excellent ENGINE, and a TOUCH OF Type

The award-winning V6 Pentastar engine will continue to impress equally drivers as well as the automobile hit. Ward’s Magazine named the Pentastar one of several 10 Very best Engines for 3 years running. The old declaring goes you can find no wonderful cars with out great engines, and the Grand Cherokee is no exception. Featuring cutting-edge modern technology that leaves the competition inside the dust, the Chrysler Pentastar offers improved fuel overall economy in multiples classes of cars (through the Town & Country to the Wrangler) when retaining a lot of power. It proves an excellent modern motor can be the two brainy and brawny. The Huge Cherokee isn’t just manufactured for off-road efficiency, either. The Texas Car Writers Connection named the 2013 Huge Cherokee Overland Summit its “”Full-Size High end SUV of Texas”" of year.


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postheadericon Handy Hints for First Time Car Renters

Lots of people will find themselves in a situation where they need to rent a car. However, no matter how frequently you do it, there is always a first time. In this case, you happen to be inexperienced and can not fully understand how the entire process goes. Moreover, you happen to be susceptible to overlooking things and making mistakes which can get pretty costly. This guide will help you understand what to consider and how to proceed before setting out in your rental car.

1. Inspect the car

Not all the rental cars are given away in good shape. This is very vital that you know because you will be supposed to return your vehicle in the exact same condition that you received it in. Anything less can cause you to lose your deposit or even to incur additional fees. That is why before you set off, you should check the car with extreme care and note every little scratch or dent it might have so those are included in the contract.


2. Complete the tank

A rental car is given away with a full tank of gas, typically. You might be also supposed to return it with a full tank of gas if this is the situation. You will be charged a premium for the missing gas that may be much more expensive than the price tag on the gas itself if you do not.


3. If the car breaks dow, know what to don

As part of the rental agreement, you will be given contact information in case the car reduces or is in an accident. This is the first number you should call as the agencies usually have agreements with various car services and towing companies.


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postheadericon Maximizing Fuel Mileage on Your Car

Mileage has become one of the most important aspects of a car nowadays. With gas prices so high, it is understandable why so many people would want to maximize the mileage they get out of their cars as much as possible. There are things that many of us do, usually without realizing it, which are costing us fuel. Here are a few tips that can help you save fuel in the long run.

1. Use the right gas

Just because high-octane fuel is more expensive does not mean that it is better for your car. The truth is that any performance improvements are usually just a placebo effect that you tricked yourself into believing. Unless the manual of your car specifically asks for high-octane gas, you aren’t doing your engine any favors by buying the more expensive, premium gas. Your car will do fine with regular unleaded fuel, your engine is better off and you save money on gas.


2. Don’t idle when possible

To put it simply, idling the car simply wastes gas. There are, indeed, situations where you don’t have any option other than idling. However, you are better off stopping the engine completely at most stoplights. Usually if you are going to be stationary more than 30 seconds, you save gas if you shut off the engine and then turn it back on again, although there is still debate regarding when it is better to turn off the engine.


3. Inspect the tires

The state of your tires has a profound effect on your fuel economy. A lot of people neglect their tires until it is too late. Inspect them regularly and make sure that your tires are balanced and properly inflated if you want to drive as efficiently as possible.


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postheadericon Automakers that Only Had One Successful Design

The most successful automakers have several models of cars all out at once. According to their needs it is their intention to offer a diverse lineup of vehicles so people can choose the one they want. These companies can end up producing dozens, even hundreds of models by the time they are done. However, not all of them are this successful. It can just as easily be applied to the automotive industry, though the term “one-hit wonder” is often used to describe singers with just one hit single.

1. DeLorean

This company is the epitome of “one-hit wonder” since it not only created just one car, but a very famous and instantly recognizable one, at that. The car in question, the DMC DeLorean 12, was prominently featured in the Back to the Future film franchise, one of the most popular comedy series of all time. This did not help DeLorean from avoiding bankruptcy, even though the car had become an icon.

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2. Gumpert

Gumper, also known by its full name of Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH, is a German automaker. Founded by a former Audi director, Gumpert produced the Gumpert Apollo S in 2008. The car, despite not being the best looking supercar in the world, was tremendously fast. In fact, it set a new lap record when it was featured on Top Gear. Even with the success, the company lost financial backing and was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2013.

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3. Hennessey

Putting Hennessey here is kind of cheating since it is a tuning house, not an automaker. However, it did built its own car, the Hennessey Venom GT which was, for a brief period, the fastest production car in the world. Until the company develops a new model, the label “one-hit wonder” still applies.

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postheadericon Becoming a Taxi Driver: The Test

Once upon a time, many moons ago should we add, becoming a taxi driver was as easy as hopping into your vehicle and waiting for customers. Suffice to say, it’s certainly much more different to this nowadays and as well as having to acquire and pay for extensive licenses, there is also the small matter of passing the test.

While the regulations differ amongst local authorities around the country, on the most part you will need to pass the DSA taxi assessment in order to drive a taxi legally. Fortunately, whether you are looking to become a Bury St Edmunds cab driver or one in the opposite side of the country, the test remains the same. Here, we’ll detail exactly what it is comprised of and what you will need to do to pass it.

What does the DSA taxi assessment involve?

The start of the test is actually very similar to that of a normal one, with the examiner asking you to perform the standard task of reading a number plate. Suffice to say, if you can’t read the plate correctly, you will not be allowed to complete the rest of the test.

As you would expect, the practical assessment is much different to your standard test. You won’t be randomly given a manoeuvre to perform; on all tests the examiner will ask you to merely turn your vehicle around so it faces the opposite direction.

In terms of the driving time, this is significantly reduced as well and you should only expect to be driving normally for around ten minutes. Another big difference in relation to this arises from the guidance you are provided and throughout the duration of this element of the test, you will not be given any instructions so will simply be driving at your leisure. To tailor the test to a real-life taxi scenario, your examiner may ask you to routinely stop at the side of the road to mimic the process of a passenger embarking and disembarking.

There is also an element of theory in the assessment. You’ll most likely be asked what steps to take if a passenger leaves their belongings behind, while the standard Highway Code questions that are common in the normal driving test will probably be put to you as well.

For those drivers who wish to obtain the maximum qualification, there is a voluntary wheelchair exercise. This will allow you to appropriately deal with disabled passengers and the test will ask you to safely load a wheelchair in and out of the car, as well as demonstrating that you know how to secure the wheelchair brakes. In other words, it’s another string to your bow but could net you that extra fare if you are qualified in this respect, and the next taxi driver in the waiting bay isn’t.

What documents are required?

From a documents perspective, it’s identical to the standard test and you merely have to bring both the photo card and paper part of the license. For those drivers who own an older license, you may have to bring a passport to prove your identity.

postheadericon Are Run Flat Tyres Suitable For Everyone

Are Run Flat Tyres Suitable For Everyone?

Run flat tyres have been on the market for years and if you look through the history of them, you’ll see that they first came available back in the 1930s. Suffice to say, the technology that they use has developed significantly over the times and many drivers insist on using them in a bid to temporarily safeguard against flat tyres.

For those that are not aware, we’ll proceed through a quick run-through on what a run flat tyre is. In simple terms, they have much stronger sidewalls than the average tyre and this means that if the tyre is deflated for whatever reason, the sidewalls are of a sufficient strength to support the vehicle during transit. When we describe the technology like that, they really do seem too good to be true. However, as we’ll now decipher, there are both pros and cons to the tyres and they are certainly not for everyone.

What are the benefits of run flat tyres?

The main benefit of the tyres can be summarised pretty well in that last paragraph. The fact that the structure of the tyre retains its shape even during blowouts means that they are regarded as being very safe tyres and a driver is unlikely to lose control of his vehicle in the event of a puncture.

Furthermore, the fact that a driver doesn’t have to immediately pull over and interrupt their day is another key advantage. While run flat tyres will not run indefinitely, they will comfortably complete most journeys with a lot of manufacturers saying that you can travel around 100 miles at limited speed.

The issue of convenience also leads us onto our third and final benefit; the spare tyre. While you might not think it on first glance, this additional load will make a difference to your vehicle and you will experience slightly better fuel efficiency when you remove it and start using the run flat tyres. In some cases, you might also benefit from additional storage space – with a lot of these tyres being positioned in the boot of the car.

Why are they not suitable for all drivers?

Unfortunately, the tyres are by no means perfect and there are some barriers. The main reason a lot of drivers will decide against the tyre is the cost and while it is now possible to purchase cheap tyres of the standard variety, run flat ones are only produced by a selection of manufacturers and this means that the costs are much higher. Of course, you will only have to buy four tyres rather than the five you would need with the spare wheel, but you will still be spending more money in total.

Some drivers simply don’t like the way that the tyres react to the road either. Due to the structure of the wheel, the drive is seen as being much harder and you will most certainly experience a bumpier ride. Of course, this will affect some cars more than others, but you will be able to note the difference nonetheless.

Finally, there are some suspicions that they might not be as safe as the experts make us believe. Due to the fact that the structure of the tyres is so rigid, it is difficult to tell when one of the wheels has lost its pressure. This means that unless you have a TPMS installed, you will not be alerted when your tyre is running on empty. Needless to say, this certainly isn’t desirable if you’re stuck in the middle of a long journey.

postheadericon Top 5 Tips to Remember When Buying a Used Car

It’s important to be aware of some key approaches to take when buying a used car; this can include comparing the market as much as possible before making a second hand purchase, as well as inspecting a car as thoroughly as you can.

You should also make sure that you go on a test drive, and that you check a vehicle’s history and registration, as well as different hire purchase and financing options. Taking these approaches can help you to get a good deal on a used car.

1 – Comparing the Market
Depending on what kind of used car you want, you can stand to benefit from comparing online and offline markets for a vehicle; if you’re buying online, you might receive more choice and competitive bidding on particular cars than if you went through a local dealership. However, you can also improve your chances of receiving a durable used car by exploring the options available at an authorised dealership, which offer guarantees and minimum stands for buying a car. For example, BMW have a chain of authorised dealerships that provide only the best used cars and servicing options; check out for examples of these deals.

2 – Inspecting a Car
You should have a checklist in place when inspecting a used car for the first time; look into the engine to see whether there is an unusual amount of oil around a sump, and inspect the body of a car for any scratches or unusual areas that may have been welded together. Other features that should be checked before buying a used car include tyre air pressure, brake pads, and the responsiveness of a steering wheel.

3 – Going on a Test Drive
It’s crucial to be able to get a feel for a used car; this means going on a test drive, and ideally with a friend who can accompany you to listen out for any unusual noises. How well does the car handle, and do you receive any noticeable give when you brake? You should also be wary about the level of comfort you can enjoy in the car’s standard seating position, and whether you’re able to complete maneuvers accurately and safely.

4 – Checking a Vehicle’s History
Make sure that you check a used car’s history and documents during a prospective purchase; this means looking at elements like a car’s VIN number, its MOT record and history, as well as any evidence of past accidents. It’s also worth checking to see if there is any remaining finance that hasn’t been paid on a car, and at whether insurance policies have been transferred away from a vehicle.

5 – Assessing a Higher Purchase Agreement
You can make a used car purchase more reasonable by looking into the options available for spreading payments over several months; not all dealerships will offer hire purchase, and you’re most likely to receive a payment plan through an authorised dealership. Approved used dealerships can offer the best payment packages and maintenance schedules for cars, which won’t always be available through other sellers.

Kenny James is a freelance automotive writer.  He is currently working with Cooper BMW to raise awareness of the many dealerships and the great deals on used BMW’s available.  Kenny enjoys sharing his knowledge of cars with everyone he meets, online or offline.