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postheadericon How to Identify Car Parts

Auto parts numbering systems are complex and elaborate, and In almost all cases, car parts have numbers that are engraved or molded into the part.

Slight modifications are often made from year to year, and although the part looks the same, it is only compatible with a specific year and model.

Parts are assigned, in some cases, both letters and numbers according to their group. For example, transmissions, engines, trim, body, and electrical all have their own part-number standards.

1. Note the vehicle identification number. Car dealers store essential information about the vehicle according to this number.

For example, mid-year production changes have dates associated with them. Vehicles produced prior to a mid-year change have different parts requirements than those that are produced after the date.

Additionally, engine size, transmission type, brakes and tires, key codes, and other model information are related to the “VIN.” Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Parts to Take Part

Repairing a car will need various services in order to maintain the good conditions. The services need to do regularly so that damage could be detected early to prevent the bad effect to the cars. Each service given to the cars will give some effect to the cars. Usually, it will make the car in better condition. One of the services usually given to the car is the replacement of spare parts.

The replacement of spare parts to the car will help the cars to be in good condition. The good condition of the car will add the comfortable feeling to the passengers of the cars when they use the cars. It is as if the spare parts take part in reaching the good condition of the cars. However, the spare part chosen should fit the car. For example is the Mitsubishi car. The Mitsubishi cars need Mitsubishi parts as the spare parts.

The spare parts should fit the car so that there will not be any problem occurs after the replacement. The same condition also happens to the other cars such as Ford and Saab. The Ford cars will need the Ford parts while Saab cars will need Saab parts. The proper parts for the right cars will help the cars in its development. However, the improper parts will make the bigger damage to the cars.

postheadericon Investigate Possible Theft of Abarth Parts

 Investigate possible theft of Abarth parts

The news came almost like a bucket of ice water in the environment of the automotive world. The rumor began rolling through the newspaper Repubblica Torino and actually promises to speak from now on and for a long time. It specifically refers to a theft of parts in the Fiat factory in the Italian town of Mirafiori and the theme is not for nothing less.
At this time, although secrecy is kept quite about it, we know that there are at least ten employees in the plant of the Italian house that are directly under investigation to alleged theft of auto parts Abarth.
The figures are not exactly a bargain and it speaks very specifically a robbery whose estimated cost would be around one million euros, as well as read …

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postheadericon Get Your Own OEM Ford Parts in a Less Expensive Price and an Easy Way

Big thanks to the inventors years ago, now you can simplify your life with transportation. There is no need to go to one close place within days because by using your own car, you can arrive in hour’s count. You have your own car and it is Ford, your favorite brand of all. After using the car for several years, right now the car needs some service. You need to have the oem ford parts because this way, your car will be as new as before.

However, to finding the original and genuine spare parts, is not an easy thing to do. You need to search over the marketplace and see if there are some detailed parts that your car needs. It is quite difficult, and when you find, the price is rather expensive. You need another solution that comes from the internet that is called the online auto stores as there are many parts, even if it is the genuine honda parts, in case you also have Honda in your garage.

In the online store, you do not have to worry if you will find the parts or not because they always have the stock. This is one advantage offered to you that you cannot obtain from the marketplace. It is not hard to get some oem ford parts cheaply, over the online store.

postheadericon The Mitsubishi Oem Parts are What You Need to Start Upgrading Your Car

You have been dreaming of having your own car since years ago. You promise yourself when you have a car, you will take a good care of it. You will maintain it and service it for once in a while, just to keep it in a good performance. And now you have this car for nearly 2 years, and it seems that it needs some upgrading service. If you want to do it yourself, then what you might need is some toyota parts, is somehow your car is Toyota.

Unfortunately, this is your first time to upgrade the car on your own without any help. Asking for the official dealer can be a good choice, but now you want to know your preferable vehicle better and so you decided to do it yourself. If you say so, then the online store can be a perfect start for you as there are dozens of auto spare parts such as the Mitsubishi oem parts available for you.

The benefit of choosing online store is that the price is much more affordable and you will have varied choice, depends on your car. Do not worry if you own the Korean car because Hyundai parts are also ready for you to grab. Just do not forget to check the specification of your car to make it easier for you in making the decision.