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Auto Insurance There are many types of insurance coverage. Collision coverage is one of the most popular and profitable to have a vehicle in a crash. However, the coverage of auto insurance offers much more than the collision. To find out what and how much coverage you need for your vehicle you can save money and get the coverage you need.

1. What is collision coverage?
Collision coverage is a type of coverage that can insure a driver against any damage that happens to your car in some cases. These cases include an accident resulting in the delivery of the vehicle, colliding with anything, including another vehicle, or even hitting an animal that causes damage to the vehicle. The cost of having collision coverage is typically about twice as full coverage.

Normally there is a higher deductible collision coverage, too. Some people choose not to buy this type of insurance, but in many cases it is recommended. Read the rest of this entry »

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Van InsuranceAs unique each individual is, so are their needs. The same is the case with the things that we use. One single thing is used mainly for one purpose, but there are slight modifications in it so as to come in line with the purpose of being used. To uncomplicated the sentence is an example: van is basically used for transportation of goods. It might be for business and personal purposes. Further classification listed by about types of van insurance are

  • Light goods vehicle insurance
  • Double cab insurance
  • Small van insurance
  • Any driver van insurance
  • Young driver van insurance
  • Convicted driver van insurance

When vans are used for personal use, van insurance can be sought depending on the purpose for which it is used – domestic, social or for entertainment. The usage of the van will determine the risks it will face and those risks have to be covered by van insurance.

Light goods van insurance policy covers all vehicles that weight up to 3.5 tonnes. So if your van equals this weight or is less than this weight, then such a van insurance policy can be taken. The amount of premium would be lesser in this when compared to the standard Cheap Van Insurance premium since the weight of the van is also a deciding factor in calculating the premium of an insurance policy. The logic behind this is, the heavier the vehicle, the higher will be its repairs and replacement costs. Also if a heavy vehicle meets with an accident the cost of repairs to be compensated to the third party would be high.

Double cab insurance is for twin-cab, off-road vehicle and a pick-up. Usually it is expensive to get insurance for these kinds of vehicles. So it is advisable to shop well before deciding to get insurance policy for them.

Small van insurance is for the really small vans. The specifications of small vans vary from the bigger ones. So a different policy is provided for that.

Any driver van insurance gives the freedom to have any driver for our insured van. Any driver who has a valid driving license in UK and decent driving history will be covered in the any driver van insurance policy. This is really beneficial policy that the insurers have brought forth for the van owners.

Young driver van insurance is for drivers who are below 25 years of age. The risk is high for them since they are new to driving and there is no verdict of how their driving is, so the risk cannot be estimated.

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Auto insurance is often misunderstood by the general public but it is more understandable than you may think.

Basic coverage is a term often used to describe that coverage necessary to drive legally, and comprehensive coverage is often used to describe covering your auto and passengers. There is, however, more to auto insurance than those two basic terms.

Liability Basics

Liability is the coverage needed to legally drive in the United States, but it is also an important coverage to consider when protecting your assets such as a home or retirement account.

This is because if you are found at fault in an auto accident, you may be sued for large sums of money.

If the court finds you at fault and you do not have enough liability insurance, you will pay out of pocket for every dollar over your coverage limit. This makes liability a very important aspect of auto insurance and one to consider wisely.

Liability Extended

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners breaks liability into three parts: bodily injury, property damage and uninsured motorist coverage.

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for bodily harm you cause others in an accident at which you are considered at fault. It does not pay for damage to your car or injuries in your car.

Property damage liability covers damage to the property of others, including other vehicles, buildings, fences or trees. Uninsured motorist coverage protects injury to you or your passengers in the event that you are injured by a hit-and-run, or uninsured driver.

Some states have no fault laws, which means that your auto insurance policy covers you in an accident regardless of fault. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon 5 Types of Car Insurance and What They Cover

When you’re in the market for car insurance, you’ll have to make some choices regarding the types and amount of coverage to carry.

Car insurance is regulated at the state level, so you’ll first need to determine what coverages are required by the laws of your state.

In general, there are a few basic types of coverage you’ll need to consider.


Liability insurance is also known as third-party coverage because it compensates drivers and passengers in the other vehicle if an accident results from your negligence.

A minimum amount of liability coverage is mandatory in virtually every state.

Liability insurance consists of bodily injury, which pays for medical bills and related costs incurred by injured parties, and property damage, which pays to repair or replace the other driver’s vehicle or other damaged items or structures.

Physical Damage

While liability coverage pays for damages incurred by others, physical damage coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your own vehicle.

Physical damage insurance includes collision, which pays for accident-related damage, and comprehensive, which pays for other types of losses, such as vandalism, theft and glass breakage.

Both comp and collision require you to pay a deductible before your coverage goes into effect. Read the rest of this entry »

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If you drive a car, you are required by law to carry some type of insurance on it. The price you pay for this can vary a lot between companies and also among several other factors in your actual policy.

Though car insurance is mandatory, you do not have to pay a fortune for it. The following are several ideas to help you find the cheapest possible car insurance.

1. Gather all of your paperwork. You will need to have the year, make, model and VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car.

In addition, you are required to have a driver’s license, an address and phone number, work information (such as name, address, mileage driven and type of work) and any financial (loan) details if there is a lien on the car.

If you presently have car insurance, get a copy of the policy for comparison. Use pen and paper to make notes about the various companies.

2. Contact several different car insurance companies and evaluate prices. You can do this over the phone or use the Internet. Look in your phone book and find around 5 insurance agencies.

Contact them about insurance rates. To get an accurate price comparison among the companies, be sure to include identical coverage and policy options.

There are links to insurance comparison sites in Resources below. You can go online to these websites, fill in the necessary information and receive several insurance quotes within minutes. Compare the prices among the various companies to find the cheapest one that adequately covers your car insurance needs. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon How to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance

Whether you drive a beat-up old car or a brand new one, having sufficient car insurance in place is essential. Car insurance provides protection for your vehicles, but it also provides vital liability protection in the event of an accident.

Finding the right car insurance at an affordable price is not always easy, but there are some steps you can take to make it a bit less difficult.

1. Pull out a copy of your current car insurance policy if you are currently insured. Review the current level of coverage. You can compare prices by shopping for the same level of coverage and looking for lower prices.

2. Determine the book value of your car by using resources like Kelly Blue Book. If your car is only worth a few thousand dollars, it might not be worthwhile to carry collision coverage. You can save money by carrying only liability coverage on your car.

3. Log on to several insurance comparison sites like and (see Resources.) These sites allow you to enter information about yourself and your vehicles and get several different quotes in response.

4. Check out the safety devices you have on your vehicle, and make sure you get credit for those devices when requesting a quote. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Do You Need Insurance If You Don’t Own a Car?

Drivers who do not own a car are still responsible for any car they drive when an accident occurs.

There are bonds and policies available to drivers who do not own a vehicle. If a driver is caught driving without car insurance, or the vehicle is not insured, the driver could be arrested and face legal troubles.

Some states require an insurance policy or bond for drivers before they can test for their driver’s license.

Is Insurance Required?

In order to take a driver’s test, all states require a driver to have insurance. The driver may be covered under another’s policy or bond, but it is a requirement.

The license bureau may deny an individual from taking a driving test if she does not show proof of insurance. Not having insurance is illegal, and punishable in a court of law.

Permission From a Policy Owner

If the owner of a car gives a non-policy or uninsured individual permission to operate a car, some insurance companies may cover the damage.

Not all insurance companies extend this courtesy to their policy members, so it is wise to check with the insurer before driving the vehicle.

However, any accidents caused by the uninsured driver can cause the premium for the insured individual to rise as a result. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Tips on How to Find an Appropriate Car insurance Online

When you are seeking for car insurance online, there are a number of aspects, which are considered and it is imperative that you know how each of these issues affect your insurance policy. For example, the driving habits, the deductible quoted, gender, age, the driving school you have attained your driving certification as well as your car model will affect the insurance premiums you have to pay. For example, when you quote higher deductible amount, the premium you pay may be low.

If your driving behavior is poor, then the insurance company raises the insurance premium rates. Similarly, if you are young, it is assumed that young people average more mileage than the older people and the risks of getting involved in car accidents are high thus higher premium rates are attached on the Car Insurance Online. All these are aspects, which you need to discuss with your insurance firm to find out how they affect your insurance policy. For your car insurance policy, you can have a liability coverage, which entails bodily injury and property damage.

You can also have collision coverage. Moreover, you can have comprehensive coverage, which encompasses non-collision damage such as fire, theft, floods and hurricane. Other types of Car Insurance Online could be underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, loss of use coverage and roadside or towering insurance. These types of coverage have different premium plans and you can combine a number of them depending on your insurance needs.