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postheadericon Geely and Detroit Electric Signed an Agreement to Build an Electric Car for the Chinese Market

Emgrand EC7

The Chinese company Geely American and Detroit Electric signed an agreement to develop and manufacture electric cars for the Chinese market. Detroit Electric will be responsible for developing the propulsion plant engineering and Geely will be the platform on which to build the vehicle.

The car chosen to transform the electricity was the Emgrand EC-7, the most sold in the Chinese market Geely vehicle. The Emgrand EC-7 EV will be able, through experience with Detroit Electric cars like the SP: 01, to reach 100 km per hour from a standstill in less than 8 seconds and reach a top speed of peak 200 km / h.

detroit electric

As for autonomy, EC-7 EV will be available in two versions, one with a low range of up to 165 km and a more than respectable 258 miles per charge. With figures of performance and range in hand, the Emgrand EC-7 EV promises to be a serious competitor in the Chinese market for electric cars, particularly among government agencies and commercial fleets, leaving private consumer as secondary source of sales.

Vehicles begin shipping in the first quarter of 2014, looking for a sales target of nearly 3,000 units during its first year of operation and reach 30,000 units per year over three years.

postheadericon Featured Accessories for your car emergency hammer

When it comes to car accessories, we usually think of aesthetic elements for the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Maybe for you giant dice hanging from rearview massage sheath made of wooden beads or a plastic dog that moves its head on the trunk pan to the sound of the road are accessories that should always be present in a car.

However, there are objects that do not often thought, that does not come standard in most cars but in extreme situations can be downright helpful. Within this category we have the emergency hammer.Not sure what it is or what it does? We will explain it.

The car emergency hammer is an object of between 15 and 20 centimeters with plastic handle and a head end, at least one of its ends, a tip of the cone-shaped steel. Its main use is to facilitate the breaking of the glass of the vehicle if the driver or passengers are trapped inside and can not leave the car doors open.

Fortunately, they will be very few, if any, circumstances in which you could see wrapped requiring the use of an emergency hammer. Cast it at fault, if you do not, in traffic accidents in which the opening mechanism breaks down, especially when a rollover and the car is upside down in the driveway. When the latter happens, it is likely that the pressure of the weight of the car deform the structure of the doors and locks. In these cases, you must exit the vehicle leaving a crystal, but if you have a hammer to these features, you will discover that it is not an easy task. Why?

As you know, windshields are made of laminated glass which prevents, in case of glass breakage, it completely cracking or bursting ends, resulting danger for the driver. Its structure allows to retain fragments that do not jump on the occupants, even in case of frontal impact. That assumes, however, that if you need to break the windshield out of the car after a rollover, you will need to do a lot of strength in my legs to do … and we guarantee that it is not easy. In addition, it is increasingly common for window glass incorporate the same technology, so if you have a special hammer, your best alternative is to leave the rear glass.

An emergency hammer, however, allows to concentrate the force of the blow at a certain point the glass of a window without making an effort. But there is more. You’ve seen the emergency hammers are a cleft oblique on the handle. What is it? Especially a blade designed to cut the safety belt. In the event of a rollover, you achieve it may not open the belt mechanism, which is quite understandable for the forced position where you would find. With the blade of the hammer, however, can cut the belt in a simple and, above all, safe.

So you know: get yourself an emergency hammer and put it in your car in a place you can easily access, but for which no ejection in a crash. It is very possible that you never have to use it, but if necessary, you will discover that it can be very useful.

postheadericon Take brand new Audi car to your home with Audi novated lease

When it comes to buy a new car, everybody thinks twice because this is really a complicated and sensitive decision of your investment. Many people can buy a car by making the full payment to the dealer. This is undoubtedly a great decision to buy a car for your convenience. But what if the financial cost of the car exceeds the boundaries of your budget? Will you apply for traditional car loan to buy your car of desired model and brand? Apart from car loan, there is another great option to buy Audi which is Audi novated leases.

This is a financial three-way agreement which includes the consent of employer, employee and the financier in order to meet the needs and obligations of repayment of financial costs of car. This is beneficial both for employee and the employer. This is a very smart and very sensible option to own a car. This gives freedom to the employee to choose their desired model and brand when it comes to buy a car from showroom.

Before going for Audi novated quotes, it is highly recommended to make an estimate of total number of miles per year of your car along with your gross salary per year. You can also select the car and get the accurate figure of ex-showroom price of the car before opting for novated lease. Log on to for getting the answers of novated questions in your mind.



postheadericon The Best Christmas Gifts for a Electric

If you have a family member or friend who is one of the few lucky owners of an electric car, you’ll be interested in what we offer below. This is a small collection of gifts intended for them.

The truth is that finding someone to move in an electric powered car is more difficult than finding water in the desert, but as the supply will be increased significantly this year, it may be a good idea to prepare for the next Christmas.

The first proposal that we bring you comes in handy for these days, where the cold is still the protagonist in most of the peninsula, some low temperatures can get to eat the autonomy of our electric car through the air conditioning and thanks a simple space heater, we can mitigate.

The operation is very simple, a portable heater equipped with a battery that can recharge lithium plug in any of our house. Once loaded, we introduce in our car and using a remote control or a programmer, we can get it going with up to 20 minutes in advance to find something hotter inside.

Its price, $ 119.95, about 90 euros, which we must add the appropriate postage, reasonably priced for a solution that in addition to electric cars, can also be used for all types of cars that need a pre warm up in these cold mornings. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Car Accessory Gifts

After-market car accessory gift options range in price, but are sure to please enthusiasts, families, commuters, students and just about anyone else who drives a car.

You can find pictures and different brands online or at a dealership website–a dealership parts department can offer catalogs or ideas locally.

Covers and Mats

Floor mats are available at auto accessory stores or dealership.

Heavy-duty mats are useful for just about anyone.

During the winter months or in the rain, the mats protect the carpet.

For drivers who live at the beach, the mats can catch the sand that ends up in the car.

Cargo mats are ideal for owners of SUVs or hatchbacks–the driver can store wet, dirty or muddy items in the back without worrying about carpet damage.

Seat and steering wheel covers dress up a vehicle and offer protection to the seats.

Novelty-type covers (available online), pet covers (for the driver who likes to bring a pet along) or even a heated and massage seat cover are available.

Car covers are available for any car, and if the person you’re giving to is always cleaning the vehicle, a car cover can prove useful. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Fun Car Accessories for Girls

The auto industry has come up with various solutions to add additional personal style to our cars.

Among the various kinds of car accessories available, some are geared just for girls.

Regardless of your age or interest, you’ll find an accessory that will suit you; from bumper stickers, to seat covers, to gear shifters, the choices are many.

Seat Cover Options

New seat covers are an easy to add-on accessory for your car. Not only will they instantly change the interior but they’ll also help preserve the condition of the car by preventing spills, pet hair, and dirt from getting into the seats.

Fitted seat covers come in a large assortment of designs, colors and fabric, so you can really make a fun statement.

You can purchase these online and in stores. Keep in mind the shape of the seats and head-rest in your vehicle as seat covers are not one-size-fits-all.

License Plate Frames

License plate frames can jazz up the outside of your car. Choices are available to match your personal style, make a statement or support a cause, such as breast cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon About Decorative Car Accesories

Decorative car accessories are any aesthetic enhancement to a car added after production has been completed.

Decorative car accessories can be added to the interior or exterior of a car and may be manually or professionally installed.

Depending on the enhancement, some electronic upgrades can also be considered decorative accessories.


Many interior decorative car accessories are designed for simple at-home installation.

These items, including seat covers, floor mats, hand break covers and specialized cup holders, can be bought at auto supply stores and large all-purpose retailers like Wal-Mart, and slip, hook or snap easily into place in a variety of car models.

Other do-it-yourself interior touches, such as rhinestone studs for dashboards, require more precision and effort.


There are some interior accessories that require professional installation or advanced at-home installation.

The installation of decorative steering wheels involves working with the car’s electronic system as well as the steering column, which is often beyond the skill level of an average driver.

Similarly, the installation of a racing seat, or specially contoured front passenger and driver’s seat, requires the laborer to unbolt the original seat and re-bolt the new seat into place with high-powered equipment.

Dashboard trim kits, decorative gas and brake pedals, and designer shift knobs also require professional installation. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Durable Auto Accessories for Car and Truck

The auto accessories are very important for the four and heavy wheelers in order to maintain the running status of the vehicles. Car & Truck Accessories are of great use when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicles. There are so many accessoriness of the many vehicles in the world of automobile, and one needs to figure out the right auto accessories for the better maintenance of your car and truck.

There are many types of auto accessories like Dash Kits Dash Kits, Billet Grilles Billet Grilles, Floor Mats Floor Mats, Floor Mats Floor Mats and many more. In order to choose the best accessories you should make a great hunt for the best dealer of auto accessories near your locality. The auto accessories provider should have a facility of online chat so that one can get his problem of randy query related to the auto parts resolved any time and anywhere.

The car and the trucks are very important factors of the people who are professionals of the business personnel all over the world therefore the auto accessories of car and truck should be got changed form the renowned service providers who are the best in the market like carid, which is amongst the best in that market and far as the car and truck accessories are concerned.

In car there are so many accessories which need to be changed or repaired on the regular basis for better performance of your car. For this you should have good auto accessories provider which can help you out with the fantastic service. Booking the accessories of car and truck online is possible and by this way a lot of time can be saved by people. Accessories of all the top and medium class cars can be got at the reasonable prices from here.