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Van InsuranceAs unique each individual is, so are their needs. The same is the case with the things that we use. One single thing is used mainly for one purpose, but there are slight modifications in it so as to come in line with the purpose of being used. To uncomplicated the sentence is an example: van is basically used for transportation of goods. It might be for business and personal purposes. Further classification listed by about types of van insurance are

  • Light goods vehicle insurance
  • Double cab insurance
  • Small van insurance
  • Any driver van insurance
  • Young driver van insurance
  • Convicted driver van insurance

When vans are used for personal use, van insurance can be sought depending on the purpose for which it is used – domestic, social or for entertainment. The usage of the van will determine the risks it will face and those risks have to be covered by van insurance.

Light goods van insurance policy covers all vehicles that weight up to 3.5 tonnes. So if your van equals this weight or is less than this weight, then such a van insurance policy can be taken. The amount of premium would be lesser in this when compared to the standard Cheap Van Insurance premium since the weight of the van is also a deciding factor in calculating the premium of an insurance policy. The logic behind this is, the heavier the vehicle, the higher will be its repairs and replacement costs. Also if a heavy vehicle meets with an accident the cost of repairs to be compensated to the third party would be high.

Double cab insurance is for twin-cab, off-road vehicle and a pick-up. Usually it is expensive to get insurance for these kinds of vehicles. So it is advisable to shop well before deciding to get insurance policy for them.

Small van insurance is for the really small vans. The specifications of small vans vary from the bigger ones. So a different policy is provided for that.

Any driver van insurance gives the freedom to have any driver for our insured van. Any driver who has a valid driving license in UK and decent driving history will be covered in the any driver van insurance policy. This is really beneficial policy that the insurers have brought forth for the van owners.

Young driver van insurance is for drivers who are below 25 years of age. The risk is high for them since they are new to driving and there is no verdict of how their driving is, so the risk cannot be estimated.

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