postheadericon The Best Christmas Gifts for a Electric

If you have a family member or friend who is one of the few lucky owners of an electric car, you’ll be interested in what we offer below. This is a small collection of gifts intended for them.

The truth is that finding someone to move in an electric powered car is more difficult than finding water in the desert, but as the supply will be increased significantly this year, it may be a good idea to prepare for the next Christmas.

The first proposal that we bring you comes in handy for these days, where the cold is still the protagonist in most of the peninsula, some low temperatures can get to eat the autonomy of our electric car through the air conditioning and thanks a simple space heater, we can mitigate.

The operation is very simple, a portable heater equipped with a battery that can recharge lithium plug in any of our house. Once loaded, we introduce in our car and using a remote control or a programmer, we can get it going with up to 20 minutes in advance to find something hotter inside.

Its price, $ 119.95, about 90 euros, which we must add the appropriate postage, reasonably priced for a solution that in addition to electric cars, can also be used for all types of cars that need a pre warm up in these cold mornings.

The second accessory is designed to save battery recharge work our gadgets, an accessory that is becoming increasingly essential given the accumulation of junk in our cars, GPS, mobile tablets. His name is Quirky and is about a simple solar charger that has a comfortable cup to be set on any glass surface.

In addition to free the car from work to recharge gadgets, we can take this item with us and make these emergency refills, in a train, like a plane, but unfortunately is not currently for sale and therefore we do not know its price.

But if our budget is very high and do not want to limit ourselves to simple sweets, will be the kings of the gifts with the Ford proposal, a recharging system using photovoltaic panels that allow us to recharge the battery of our car with solar energy.

Capable of producing approximately 2.5 kW at the time and allow travel about 1,600 kilometers per month only energy from the sun, only the price may be a drawback as to become a true Zero Emissions, we have to pay the modest sum of $ 10,000.

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