postheadericon Ahern and Associates and Your Trucking Employees – How They Work Hand in Hand

Ahern and Associates Ltd is one of the largest transportation consulting firms in the U.S.A. It is well known for being a national logistics and trucking acquisitions, sale, and management firm. This company is often called on by some of the biggest and smallest trucking companies in the nation to help in the communications process with a merger, acquisition, sale, or when some part of the industry needs to be inspected, polished and upgraded.

For instance, as a trucking company grows finding the right trucking industry employees may be difficult. The expert consultants at Ahern and Associates can help in this project as well. All of the Ahern consultants are former experience trucking company CEO’s or Presidents who have experience in all aspects of the logistics field. One of the important services they can offer is the thorough employee review.

By helping a trucking company with this thorough review process, Ahern and Associates can also analyze the effectiveness of the company’s employee performance through specific data analysis they implement.

Ahern and Associates is not new at this process. They have been helping companies in the trucking industry get their costs under control for more than 20 years. They offer the Professional Employer Programs to Owners (PEO,) which many of the transportation companies throughout the world now implement in their daily operations. When a trucking company contracts Ahern and Associates to improve employee contracts, the consultants work at implementing traditional business PEO concepts into the transportation industry. Ahern and Associates fully understands the needs of trucking entrepreneurs. They help analyze the operations and recommend programs or procedures that will enhance and improve owner/ employee relationships. Ahern and Associates can do this because they have substantial experience in employee management and their membership in many professional employee organizations helps them

Ahern and Associates, a 20 year pioneer as a trucking industry consultant has been a significant contributor to the Professional Employer Programs (PEO) and has helped many in the trucking industry apply PEO concepts to their own business. The Ahern and Associates consultant does this by analyzing the trucking company’s business operations and then recommending the procedures within the program that will help their current employer/worker relationships. The PEO used by Ahern consultants is one that offers the capabilities for each of their clients. It is then implemented and customized to an owner’s needs.

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