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World’s Most Expensive Helmets

It’s a difficult time for motorists, with insurance prices increasing and the cost of fuel spiralling out of control. Research by MoneySupermarket suggests that 65% of motorists have altered their driving habits in an attempt to keep costs down.

However, this is obviously not a concern for some motorcycle owners who are quite happy to fork out on expensive headwear as we take a look at some of the most expensive helmets to hit the market:

Used AyrtonSenna helmet- $114,000

A used AyrtonSenna helmet recently sold for $114,000 at an auction in Silverstone. This was double the initial valuation which is no doubt due to hero-worship surrounding Sennawhich motoring racing fans around the world can surely relate to.

One of the reasons why the helmet is so valuable is that the helmet has actually been signed by the triple World Champion who lost his life while leading the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in 1994.

In addition, Senna’s race suit was sold separately for $54,000. Both the helmet and the race suit had been used by the great Brazilian during the 1991 F1 season and were bought directly from McLaren boss Ron Dennis. This was the year of Senna’s third and final championship triumph when he brilliantly fought off the faster Williams Renault car of Nigel Mansell to take the title in Japan with one race still remaining.

AyrtonSenna has recently surged in popularity once again on the back of the success of the Senna film; a BAFTA Winning documentary chronicling his life in the sport from his remarkable first season with the lowly Toleman team in 1984 until his untimely demise ten years later.

Signed Valentino Rossi replica helmet- $2,400

While Senna was famous for keeping the same famous yellow helmet design throughout his racing career, Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi is just as famous for constantly changing his.

However, like the Brazilian, Rossi is famous for his success on the track being statistically the most successful rider of all time. The Italian has a remarkable nine championship victories under his belt, with the most recent coming for Yamaha during the 2009 season.

A signed version of his ‘Austin Powers’ helmet, a design he used during the 2003 Valencia Grand Prix, is currently selling for $2,400. The signature is on the removable visor which Rossi signed personally during the 2006 British Grand Prix weekend.

Replica Michael Schumacher helmet- $499

If you are not particularly interested in collectables but would simply like to adorn the same helmet livery as one of your racing legends, you do have the option to purchase replica liveries which out not signed.

Many businesses have been set up to create replica racing helmets in order to capitalise on the popularity of such designs. However, you should be careful about the quality of such items if you are buying them online. Additionally, it is recommended that you ensure that the helmet complies with expected safety standards as the strength of some helmets can be compromised by the paint used.

You can expect high quality replicas such as one Michael Schumacher replica which is available on ebay for about $500.

You will be able to find many different helmet designs which have been used by the 7 times World Champion over the course of his career; including the famous red designs which he has used during his latters years with Ferrari and upon his return to the sport in 2010 with Mercedes.

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